CO begging for more MS's

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  • ziddina
    "...Because I can tell you for certain that people are NOT throwing their gold and silver into the streets. ..."

    ESPECIALLY not the Watchtower corporation, if that new $1Billion real estate deal goes thru...

  • Retrovirus

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome to isojourn (on p2 of this thread)

    It is so obvious they are desperate. My 78 year father (who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over 6 years ago) was appointed elder over a month ago. Scary, but mostly sad.

    That's a worry for you! Hope he's coping with the workload.


  • Roddy

    Being an elder is more like being part of a police force. The MSs are more like minions of that police force.

    The idea of hauling people you may have known all your life into sudden meetings in the back of the kingdom hall in order to smell their dirty laundry and then disfellowhipping friends you've known for years for some rigid decision that came from Brooklyn anyway is of no appeal to men with higher principals and values.

    I've started to see subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) egomaniacs and wolves rise to being MSs and elders -- and now this rush? -- will only spell more doom to the congregations as they will further self-destruct from within.

    Here is the real reason brothers are not reaching out: There is no spiritual joy in being an MS or Elder anymore.

    The spirituality of such responsible positions in the congregation has dwindled since the 70s. Perhaps even earlier. The only ones that are left are those that old or politically connected. The really good men either don't come to the meetings anymore or don't want to be any closer to the mess than they already see.

    Hmmm, with a diminished "police force" with more losses projected and less recruits to take up the slack, what will the WTS do? Lower standards or "simplify".

    Won't surprise me if the WTS goes back to the one elder per congregation program of many years ago hidden as another "simplification" to hide the fact that they have decimated both the current and future prospects of good men from ever reaching out. And those good men that happen to reach out are soon corrupted or dismayed by what they instead end up doing for most of their servant-time. And for what?

  • the-illuminator81

    Lower standards may translate to more scandals, hopefully raising public awareness, leading to even more adverse reactions during door to door work leading to increasing discouragement for the rank and file who also have to deal with the low-standard elder/ms mix.. making them all leave!

    One can dream..

  • Pitchess Co-Gen
    Pitchess Co-Gen

    I remember back in the 90's when brothers were fighting to become MS and Elders. Now its seems that nobody wants these positions anymore. I guess after years of using the positions ( like a carrott on a stick ), they can't find anymore bothers.

  • SirNose586
    Whats funny was while I never came out and directly said I didn't wan't to serve, I showed absolutely ZERO enthusiasm at the prospect. Even intentionally answering their questions in such a way so as to clearly indicate that I wasn't "qualified" to serve. This had no effect on their efforts to recruit me.
    Show's you just how desperate they are.

    Yeah, I tried the same thing too. They just told me, "By feeling you're not ready, you actually are, because you aren't desirous of a title."

    So apparently I deserve the job because I don't want it.

    Why didn't I just get up from the room and leave?

  • punkofnice

    Most of todays youth are 'aware'. Many don't want to be JW's and don't even belive it, they are often only going along because of parents or such.

    I recall when a CO was moaning about how teenagers didn't volunteer at A$$€m?£i€$ any more like they used to.

    The call went out for volunteers. Looks like it's really hitting home now. They're even begging for MinServes..........a position that was looked upon with awe when I was younger. Now though, the kids are more switched on, posting their frustrations on this and other forums.

    It's time those out of touch 7 headed beast (GB) in Schnooklyn woke up and made sensible corrections to their Pharisee rules, regulations and self serving lies.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    I recall when a CO was moaning about how teenagers didn't volunteer at A$$€m?£i€$ any more like they used to.

    From the looks of things this last year, the first project they had for DC volunteers was to give them a sign that said either "Brothers Needed" or "Sisters Needed". Perhaps they thought they were "witnessing" and could count their time while they tried to recruit brothers and sisters for borganiztional work. At least I didn't see a bunch of "volunteers" standing around holding "Please Keep Moving" signs.

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