CO begging for more MS's

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  • the-illuminator81

    I know one congregation that has meetings for all baptized men,just to "encourage" them to reach out to be a servant or elder.

    Horrible yes I've been to such a meeting. It was all about doing more in FS, which is today the only qualifier for becoming MS. After the encouraging talk was over, we had to leave, so they could talk to the MS, and then they had to leave so they could finish up with their super secret elder meeting.

  • dozy

    The WTBTS do face something of a logistical nightmare here. An elder friend had a talk at the MS school & he couldn't believe just how few MS there were & the average age and standard (most were middle aged or old - the congregation plod types who just get appointed by default.)

    The impression I get is that any male JW who keeps his nose clean is up for appointment. I've known a couple of 19 year old boys appointed recently who basically just spend most of their time playing computer or online games with their pals & have zero "spiritual" qualities. An elder friend who voted against one of the appointments said that no way would these have been appointed a few years ago but there is almost a desperate need to appoint anybody.

  • karter

    Lets face it atleast 60% of young ones are leaving the Jw's so the pool to pick from is getting smaller.

    Of the 40% or less leaft how many of those are up for being appointed to anything?

    I'm guessing not alot.

    So they will just keep lowering the bar and age.

    My last congro had a guy made an Elder who's mind was so scrambled by drugs his talks were all over the place..he and his wife were Brown noseing SSSSOOOO badly it made me sick.

    He was delited after a few months thankfully.

  • mutinyinheaven

    funny, i see some new light, yes, directly from jehovah:

    mature sisters are now eligible to become MSs, but they just can't give talks.

    i actually had a dream my ex-wife told me this was happening and they were actually called princesses of (can't remember). if that comes true, i'm going to psychic school.

    love the 'end is near b/c of financial times'. what happened during the depression? that was years after it was supposed to happen.

  • lohengren

    I can personally attest to this...

    I've only been out for about 3 months and while i was in there was definitely a push to not only bring more men into the truth, but to then hurry those guys along to MS and eventually elder. I'm 22 and towards the end of my tenure I was heavily "recruited" by the elders to make MS my goal. They would always pull me off to the side for these "heart to heart" conversations, asking me what they could do to help expidite my journey to servant.

    Whats funny was while I never came out and directly said I didn't wan't to serve, I showed absolutely ZERO enthusiasm at the prospect. Even intentionally answering their questions in such a way so as to clearly indicate that I wasn't "qualified" to serve. This had no effect on their efforts to recruit me.

    Show's you just how desperate they are.

  • steve2

    They're stuffed by their own narrow following of an old book known for its anti-women teachings. If they could only move away from their time-warped view of women, they'd have a highly capable, possibly very empathic pool of potential elders and ministerial servants in their female members. Besides, most, if not all, congregations are composed of higher proportions of women. Still, the thought that they'd come up with a logical solution credits them with too much ability to think sensibly.

  • minimus

    If you are a "Servant", the benefits suck. It ain't worth it.

  • ziddina
    "...on his recent pass through, the CO indicated that elders aren't disfellowshipping enough, that they are being too lax. ..."

    Well yeah, Sir82, but that's 'MONGOLIA'...

    I'll bet that there aren't enough Witnesses in the entire area of Mongolia to make up a decent-sized congregation... They've probably given up on making any REAL headway, in Mongolia... Or maybe the Mongolian Witnesses never really increased in the first place, because they're so close to China and we all know there's no real number of Witnesses there...

    [winkey wink... ]

  • stuckinamovement

    The last KM school had a part on encouraging more men to reach out to serve as servants. Good luck with that. Just as an observation around my circuit there seems to be two men that are either being removed or quitting, for every one man that is appointed. Take that and factor in the death rate for these older guys and the org has got a pretty serious sucession problem.


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Let them beg. Let them cut themselves and cry out at the top of their voices for more MSs.

    Did the CO happen to have a scripture explaining that the current financial situation was to precede the big A? Because I can tell you for certain that people are NOT throwing their gold and silver into the streets.

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