Paradise Earth. What will it be like?

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  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    If you put 1,000,000 janitors in a room with 1,000,000 typewriters what would you get?

  • greenhornet

    this is how we cut the grass

  • shamus100


    EXACTLY! Look at the Flinstones!!!! That is paradise.

    Can people even fathom what is going to happen?

    Now imagine your genitals fall off. FALL OFF!!!! I mean can people even dream this bullshit up? What in the hell were we all thinking!!!!!

  • dm6

    lol they really do contradict themselves the Jdubs dont they. Paradise earth "where pain and suffering is no more"

    Yet your beloved pets and animals will still die and rot.

  • shamus100

    ** yes, mom, paradise is wonderful. My penis fell off today - looks like my testicles will fall off tomorrow. Oh, what did I do today? I took a crap, used some leaves, ate some fruit, and cut the lawn with a crab. Life is so grand! **


    You would get the WAtchtower. ;D

  • GLTirebiter
    QUESTION: What would happen if you fell off a waterfall? Would you live?
    QUESTION: what if a branch fell out of a tree (widow maker) and hit you. Would you live?

    Answer: Such events are Jehovah's way of purging unclean elements from the New System. In the new Paradise Earth, Jehovah is once again making his will known by direct physical action, just as he did in the days of Lot. Don't mourn the evil apostates whom Jehovah chooses to annihilate, evidently they are spiritually weak, trying to return to the wicked ways of Babylon the Great. Whatever happens to them, happens because they fail to strengthen their dedication to our Kingom Ministry. Stand fast and heed the theocratic food distributed at the proper time by the Annointed Class in these last days of the Thousand Year Reign. This is no time to relax; time is short until all the prophecies will be fulfilled!

    That's what Paradise Earth will be like!

  • shamus100

    GL Tirebiter...

    But I don't want my penis to fall off.

  • GLTirebiter

    Then get some New System undershorts--you know, the metal kind, with a padlock...

  • Rabbit

    There was a very funny/sad description of just 'how wonderful' Paradise would be -- posted on this very forum. Just how happy would the loving elders arrangement actually be ? Hint: It wasn't very happy...

    Anybody remember that post...?

  • GLTirebiter

    @Rabbit... I was thinking of that one too, but don't remember enough details to find and link to it.

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