A Sincere Questions for Current/Former WTBTS Elders/Pioneers...

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    I was a pioneer for about 1 1/2 years... i have never read the Bible completely... i read parts of it and took interpretation and what i thought it was common sense as the truth... now that i look back i understand i was blind and probably lazy to look further...

    Also, i wanted to add.. the whole elders/pioneers/privileges are apointed by the angels/holy spirit or whatever ish is a big fat LIE... i became a pioneer to get them off my hair and make THEM happy... i never liked it and NEVER made my full 70 hours, i lied, lied, lied (3 for emphasis) in EVERY montlhy report while i was pioneering...

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    Hey Shel

    I have read the Bible at least twice and at one time studied all the material for the meetings , gave talks, parts on service meetings, vac/aux pioneered as often as possible, otherwise made my time (until the last years) had Bible studies etc. I knew my Scriptures well. I knew my Bible stories. I would read the wt and awake mags /books ( dear gawd we must have studied the Babylon the Great book 5 times )and wonder why the jws in the local cong did not do the things written in the mags/books. I would read the Bible that talked more about love than judgment and wondered if I was missing something b/c a lot of other folks really had that judgmental thing down .I saw little of the love and Christian forgiveness . I finally realized years later they were just all hypocrites, myself included. In the end I found out that morality of some elders and MS and a lot of jws , was subject to interpretation ( recall Clinton , what is the meaning of "is") and sex, oh well they are men and human, but apostasy- you are bird food.

    It was actually reading my Bible ( without the aide of the literature) that helped me see them for what they were.

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