A Sincere Questions for Current/Former WTBTS Elders/Pioneers...

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  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    I would like to know something, if you will indulge me, please - thank you! I'd like to know/understand:

    To what extent did you, as a JW... read/know the contents of the Bible? Did you look things up on your own to see if they were "so"... or did you just take the WTBTS's "word" for it that it said... and meant... what they said it did?

    I am asking because I am often surprised at what I perceive is NOT known as to what's in the Bible... and by whom. Given the great amount of responsibility that comes with such positions/activities, I had always thought that those who deigned to teach ME (and others)... KNEW. Well, SHOULD know. I have learned over the years, however, that that hasn't been true at all. If you would respond, therefore, it would give me... and perhaps some of those here who are still IN... a more accurate picture of just who and what IS (or is NOT)... "leading" them.

    I think that if they KNEW the truth regarding this... they would be little more apt to at consider QUESTIONING not only what they're learning... but who they're learning if FROM. Your honestly professing the TRUTH about your "knowledge" and "understanding" could go toward greatly helping set some of these folks free... from the WTBTS, at least.

    Besides, it would be the TRUTH... which they need to know. I think it's about time to come clean on this issue. Don't you?

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • stuckinamovement

    I was a serious student until I became an elder. After that all of my time was spent trying to prepare and write talks. I served in a small congregation for a time where there were three of us elders. I must admit that I became mentally lazy and honestly somewhat exhausted due to the demands of keeping the machine running.

    I always took what was published for granted that it was based on the bible. Once I "woke up" I started to look at the scriptures in earnest without preconcieved ideas from the WTS. It is amazing how different the bible is without the filter of the watchtower.


  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Shelby, hope you're feeling better.

    I'd have to say that the main qualifications that indicate if a man is "spiritual" and can "serve" is chiefly how much of a company man he is. Reading the entire bible isn't even a prerequisite to serve. Many "appointed" men I know hardly ever read or studied anything, aside from plagerizing bound volumes from time to time in order to prepare a thrown-together talk. Then if you look at the kind of information that is "taught" from the platform, really, you would probably find that watching Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang with the sound off would be more educational. And at these special schools they have, all they teach is basic congregational procedures. (how to fill out this report, how to store these magazines, how to interrogate an underage girl about intimate sexual questions, etc.)

    Sadly, whether you believe in the Bible or not, or you believe in God or not, nowadays the last thing being taught is God or Scripture.

    Honestly, I learned more about religion/spirituality/God/Bible from reading on my own and talking to people like all of you on this board. Isn't it ironic, don'tcha think?

  • mythreesons

    I feel I studied as an elder only with the intent of, how can I get this point across. How to 'Sell' it, if you will. I mean they had already done the research.....right? (shaking head) It wasn't about doing the research, it was how can I put this in a better way so that the 'friends' would listen to it and enjoy it. It was all about presentation.

  • Quendi

    As a pioneer, I was a very serious student of the Bible as SIAM says he was. I knew it, backwards and forwards. I had a friend who introduced me to other Bible scholars and their works. Reading them showed me just how superficial the WTS is in its approach to Bible reading and study. As SIAM says, once I started letting the Bible speak for itself, I emerged with a completely different understanding of what it says.


  • cptkirk

    if you dont know what it says np, that's why they give you these wonderful books like "what does the bible really teach?". read paragraph, ask question, read answer etc etc. NO QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS ARE BAD BAD BAD BAD. actually first questions are ok, you can just be given a comforting pat on the shoulder, and re-assured you know nothing, as it would indicate by your question...then if you persist, then BAD!!!! dont you know this information comes DIRECTLY FROM GOD??? that is why they have had to dispense of ENTIRE BOOKS because of SO many errors in them.....god was LUNCHING THAT DAY OK???

  • AGuest

    Thank you all for your comments... and peace to you, all! I hope more come forth because, again, I think it would greatly help those in who are indecisive regarding whether the WTBTS is in fact the "truth"... to make a decision.

    The greatest of love and peace to you, dear Mr. F... and I am doing well (thanks for asking!). "Mending" quite nicely, actually. No meds for a couple'a days... and pain only went the pressure drops around here (which is quite a bit lately in the SF Bay Area, even though we're in August! WHERE IS SUMMER??!!!!)... for which I'm using a heating pad. So, it's all good! And yeah, I DO think! LOLOLOLOL!

    Again, thanks and peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • talesin

    Growing up in the Lie, I would always look things up in the Bible, and studied diligently. The WTS books 'explaining' the prophecies in the Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation books never really made sense to me. They were far too convoluted, and the reasoning was ... well.... nonexistent.

    That's why at age 18 I left the KH. It was clear these people were not "Christians", and though I didn't know any other better 'truth'. one thing I was sure of is that the JWS were a bunch of hypocrital liars. I had been a pioneer off and on since I was 15, and 'regular pioneered' for a year when I was 16/17. About a year before I made my final decision, I had stopped publishing ... there was no point to it. No one was 'interested' in discussing the Bible or scripture, and all we got to do at the doors was flash the mags and get rejected.

    Over that last year, I became more and more depressed, knowing that I hated the Truth TM , and knowing that I could no longer live a lie. It was 1976, I was 18, uneducated, and had no one outside the religion. Truly,,,, WHERE WOULD I GO? I was just coming off a serious and long-term illness, and had no job and no prospects.

    Finally, I told my mother tearfully one afternooon, that I would NOT be attending the meeting that night. She gave me my walking orders "well, you know what that means. You better find a job because you can't live here anymore."

    I could not be a hypocrite! I could not be a liar! That's where diligently studying the Bible got me ... thankfully, in the 70s jobs were plentiful, and education was cheap. I survived.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better, S! I'm on the other side of the continent, Halifax, but the weather is the same as SF. Somedays I am using my heating pad, too. :) It's pouring down straight rain today, once again, but I prefer this over the muggy heat.


  • punkofnice

    I did read the Bible all the way through at least twice before I was appointed. Yes! I simply accepted what the WTB$ said....I was born in and it was the 'truth' after all.

    Having said that I often found that after I read parts of the Bible the WTB$ always spoiled what I read with their take on it. I figured it was just me being a plonker.

    Now, of course, I know better now. The WTB$ are full of you know what!!!

  • AGuest

    Thank you, dear Talesin... for sharing your experience (peace to you!). I am glad that you were able to take a stand... AND survive!

    Thank you, as well, dear PON (peace to you, as well!). I am glad folks are being candid.

    Any of you others... please, feel free! Come out, come out... wherever you are!


    A slave of Christ,


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