A pack of ravenous Dubs ruined my Anniversary brunch with my wife…

by unshackled 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • talesin

    Happy 1st Anniversary!

    ... and many more :D


  • unshackled

    You fine people of earth, JWN variety...thank you muchly for your kind words and well wishes. We had a perfect day and those Dubs didn't really ruin our brunch, just offered some offbeat entertainment...like ice-skating bears in the circus. The buffet that day was subpar to begin with....after the herd went thru it resembled a trough.

    Dinner was a success, the adjacent table were a swanky quartet of 50-something tourists. We ate fresh local prawns, salmon and halibut...while sipping an Okanagan Pinot Grigio.

    Cheez...you'll be pleased to know your fine craftwork is hanging on my office wall today.

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    unshackled, may 1,000 Fraggles dance to the celebration of your blessed union. happy anniversary.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Happy Anniversary Unshackled!

  • Nickolas

    congrats on year 1. May you have many, many more together. For your next encounter:

    Mr. U (in a loud voice) "I'm heading back to the buffet. Wouldya like me to get you some more blood sausage, honey?"

  • ziddina


    I totally agree with what Moshe, JeffT, JamieBowers and Nicolaus suggested - if it had been me, I wuld have begun discussing Ray Franz' "Crisis of Conscience" with the sweet wife... Just loud enough for the witnesses to hear....

  • Ding

    You could have gone up to the JWs and said something nice about Ray Franz.

    Within a couple of minutes, you and the Mrs. would have had the buffet and the restaurant to yourself.

  • rebel8

    You could have started chanting or held hands with your wife while praying to Satan.

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