A pack of ravenous Dubs ruined my Anniversary brunch with my wife…

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  • unshackled

    Its my wife's and I first anniversary today. Believe it or not, we are doing just fine despite being "worldly". Heck, my wife has never even been a JW and I've been a heathen for many years now. Yet we somehow manage to be a loving, healthy couple without the assistance of elders or JaHoover. Maybe the demunz don't know where I live yet.

    So we slept in and went for a late morning brunch. Found a quiet corner to ourselves in the restaurant. Seconds later, in marches 9 or 10 people…took me about half a second to know they were Dubs, just released from their morning WT brainwashing. The rank and file then section together a few tables and plunk down directly in front of us, not 10 ft away. They didn't sit long. Next they fervently attacked the buffet with the efficiency of Japanese commercial whalers, pillaging it of all that is fresh and worthy. So much for the buffet, we ordered from the menu.

    For the next 45 mins I get to hear a steady flow of loaded language. In between savoring bites of my eggs benedict were gag-reflex inducing phrases and comments we all know too well…."the circuit overseer's visit was so encouraging"…"the brave brothers and sisters in Russia" … "Satan is working overtime" … "the Organization is so smart" … "this system won't last much longer" … "this world is so desperate". Ad nauseum.

    Well, can't really say it ruined the brunch. It was rather amusing. But the eggs benny would've tasted a little better without hearing the vacuous chatter.

    Otherwise, a great day so far. We're heading to the beach and will dine out this evening. With some luck, it will be more peaceful this time. Happy anniversary to us.

  • Jadeen

    Happy anniversary!

  • NewYork44M

    DITTO: Happy anniversary!

  • zoiks

    A very Happy Anniversary to the both of you! May this be the first of many for you two. A truly harrowing brush with lunacy may have ruined the appetite of a lesser man.

  • nugget

    happy anniversary those poor witnesses the highlight of their day was brunch out it is interesting that they say how encouraging the CO visit was but they probably would have difficulty quoting specifically from his talks.

  • blondie

    Wow, I go to several different sunday bruch restaurants and they're very good at replenishing the buffet. If a large group came through and they weren't very speedy about refilling it, I know I wouldn't be the only one concerned and not shy about telling the management. I would speak up the next time or go to another place that serves all its customers well.

    Happy Anniversary.

  • discreetslave

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  • moshe

    I get upset when I'm in a restaurant and some JWs sit down next to me with their faux happy faces. Moshe knows what to do- just holler- "Hey, can you pipe down with that theocratic talk!- you're disturbing an apostate- don't make me open up a can 1975 whoopass on you- "

  • Glander

    So, unshackled got shackeled a year ago today! Best wishes for a bunch more anniversaries.

  • Sulla

    I'm sure dinner will be JW-free; they can't be everywhere, right?


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