who believes in reincarnation ? my 7 year old told me " mummy did you know that we have all been here before but we just forget "!

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  • sabastious
    So in a chemical sense, we are recycled.

    And maybe, just maybe, that sometimes memories are reconstructed millions of years in the future through that recyling process!

    deedeedeedoo deedeedeedooooOOOOOOO!


  • sinis

    nomadsoul: You might be suprised who the imaginary friends are...

  • jam

    Help me understand the rules in reincarnation.

    Do you come back as A human or you may come

    back as A cow, dog or A fly. If the latter is true there

    would be A lot of vegetarians in the world.

    If you come back as human, then there would be

    less killing and starvation. Your mother dies, she is

    reincarnted in Ethiopia or south central L.A. (Watts).

    You may marry your Great grand mother.

    Please what are the rules.

  • WTWizard

    I don't believe that there is reincarnation as religions teach. However, something must pass on as the universe cycles through expansions and contractions. It starts with a big bang, expands for a long time, stops, contracts, and eventually reaches a big crunch. At which point, you get another big bang and reboot. Any reincarnation would happen at that time, which is at least billions of years away.

    As for living forever on earth, I wonder what happens when things start coming back together and reaches that big crunch. I believe that, at that time, any matter would be destroyed and have to reform during the new big bang. Material wealth cannot pass through that time. And neither can the earth. And the only way that can be stopped would be for intelligent life to find a way to stabilize the universe so it cannot expand to the point of being useless, or contract into a big crunch.

  • looloo

    jam , the book i have read on reincarnation describes heaven as home and a wonderful place but each person chooses to come back and chooses the kind of life we will have good or bad as a way of learning , it is only a short time period we are gone from home on earth as the time is not the same as on earth , the book is called life on the other side , its very interesting and a comfort .

  • jam

    Thanks looloo, will read. That,s sound nice,"choose

    the kind of life we will have, good or bad".

  • rebel8

    I am curious why a child explaining some major life question is so often considered more valid than a child explaining some minor thing.

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