who believes in reincarnation ? my 7 year old told me " mummy did you know that we have all been here before but we just forget "!

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  • ProdigalSon

    excito-are:@Prodigal son - am I reading this right, that you believe that sins are punished with disabilties in your next life. Therefore little kids who are blind or have horrible diseases or disabilites have been bad in a previous life? :s

    It's not exactly "punishment". It's more like a sort of grade school, where we have to learn compassion and unconditional love, in order to "graduate". A human soul is unlike animal souls.... it's a piece of God, and it's one with the "I AM".... which is Christ Consciousness. Most or some people, who really knows what percentage, have this consciousness buried under many egos...sometimes thousands of them... but it comes to the surface more often than we think... when we actually do "Godlike" things, such as making great self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. Blindness then, just like cancer, can be present in one's DNA, which is much more complex and connected to the "Universe" than science presently knows about.... it is QUANTUM, it is Interdimensional. Karmic teachings say that we agree to these things on the "other side" before we enter the "wind of birth". We come into this world with things that our particular soul needs to work on, and we are put into the circumstances to accomodate that.

  • ProdigalSon

    Scientific Evidence Grows that Mind and Brain Are Separate


    Conference examines consciousness after death


    Scientific Theories of the NDE Decide Which Theory You Think is More Plausible http://www.near-death.com/experiences/experts01.html

  • Robdar

    When I was young I was convinced my pregnant mother was carrying my former daughter and just knew she was going to have a girl. She did. Because I'm the oldest and because my mother suffered from post partum depression, it fell to me to help look after my sister. I knew instinctively exactly how she liked to be fed, held and shushed. I also developed a very strong connection with her that allowed me to know when she was in trouble. There are four siblings in my family and she and I are the closest. And why shouldn't we be if we were together in a past life?

    I find it weird that being raised a JW and not believing in life after death, I still had this feeling/knowing about my sister. I hadn't even heard of reincarnation at the time. So yeah, I think reincarnation is a possibility.

    Also, when I converted to Judaism, my rabbi told me that it is a common belief with modern Jews that many of us are being reincarnated through Gentile women because the holocaust killed so many Jewish women.

    Of course, what I like about Judaism is that there is no set belief of what happens after death. We are free to believe whatever we want about the next world. Judaism is a religion of life. We figure if we take care of this world, the world that may come will take care of itself. I wish more Christians knew how liberating Reform Judaism can be.

  • poppers

    Read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton - fascinating stuff, and helps explain why people are born blind and so forth.


  • undercover

    Ever notice that a lot of people who believe in reincarnation always remember "being" someone cool...like a famous person or a hero? Not too many people say, "yea, in my former life I was a beggar sitting in the gutter with a jar saying, "alms for the poor...alms for the poor".

    Me... I was Blackbeard the pirate and then Wyatt Earp.

  • NomadSoul

    And Kids have imaginary friends, I guess they're real too.

  • Robdar

    Undercover, you were Blackbeard the pirate? I was a gutter snipe and I believe you gave me v.d.

  • hopelesslystained

    Robdar: a friend of mine, female and gentile, happened to watch a show on tv about the holocaust and was able to describe the rooms within one of the prisons prior to them actually being shown on the show.

    Undercover: I was not famous or notable, but I was Blackbeard's favorite lady.

  • Robdar

    Hopelessly, that is very interesting. Has she ever thought of converting to Judaism?

  • hopelesslystained

    no, this was some time ago and I no longer have contact :(

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