who believes in reincarnation ? my 7 year old told me " mummy did you know that we have all been here before but we just forget "!

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  • looloo

    i asked her who told her that as i knew the school would not have covered that subject , she replied " nobody told me , i just know it "! i have heard that children have a better memory of that kind of thing but i was still amazed !

  • sabastious

    I think reincarnation has a valid case for belief, but not for anything scientific.


  • excito-are

    How come the world's population keeps dramatically increasing then? Should it not stay the same?

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I tend to not put much stock in such ideas, however, I have had a very vivid recurring dream my whole life, beginning from the time I was a very young child. In this dream, I am on a battlefield, bare-chested, painted with blue designs, sword in hand, fighting Romans. I look very different than myself, but somehow i know it's me. The dream is always so intense in that I can smell the blood in the air, feel the cool misty air on my skin, and feel the point of the centurion's gladius as it pierces my throat. Everything then fades to black.

    The dream is the same every time. I knew nothing of celtic or roman warfare or history when I was 4 years old.

    Can't say it's proof of reincarnation. All I know is that a little kid can't know about all those details, so I'm not sure how those images and dreams got into my head at such a young age.

  • ProdigalSon

    Everything I have studied, and I mean everything, including the Bible, leads me to believe that reincarnation is the truth. The disciples asked Jesus questions about a blind man, asking him who sinned to have caused it. This is the doctrine of karma, directly related to reincarnation. Then Jesus flat out said that John the Baptist was Elijah.

    Josephus believed it, and according to him, it was the common belief at the time. The Eastern religions, the early church fathers, the Gnostics, millions of experiences of deja vu and NDE's..... otherwise how do you explain kids who have savant abilities? How do we explain the great philosophers? Who taught Pythagoras? Who taught Plato?

    Like psychics, they were "connected".

    Christianity stands alone in its condemnation and demonization of the belief, and for that, we can thank the effin' Vatican, as usual.

    That's one smart kid you have!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    When you look at this from an atomic level, of couse it is true. The atoms of carbon, hydrogen, oxxygen, etc., that made up the dinosaurs millions of years ago are still bound to this earth and are now part of the earth and other living things. So in a chemical sense, we are recycled.

    The matter of reincarnation is something else. Some of the world's religionss teach it as fact, even telling stories about how, after death, the soul is given a "tea of forgetfulness" so that previous lives would not be recalled. Sometimes, they say, a soul will not drink from the cup, and the re=born will have detailed knowledge of its former life.

    For that idea to work, however, would require the existence of a non-physical soul, and such invisible "spirit" souls do not exist.

    Therefore reincarnation is bunk.

    Children have great imaginations. Encourage this creative aspect and the kid may grow up to be a great writer or a lying politician.

  • looloo

    low key , ive read about the dreams thing that you described and what happens to you is very common and apparently when you sleep you are most likely to remember past lives as your mind is more "open "

  • excito-are

    @Prodigal son - am I reading this right, that you believe that sins are punished with disabilties in your next life. Therefore little kids who are blind or have horrible diseases or disabilites have been bad in a previous life? :s

  • MeanMrMustard

    Are you certain your seven year old wasn't talking about the ice cream stand you were passing in the car - the one that you went to last year but haven't been back to since, even though you promised to go back, but forgot?

  • MeanMrMustard


    " How come the world's population keeps dramatically increasing then? Should it not stay the same?"

    Not necessarily. If you believe that you can reincarnate as other creatures - like cows, birds, roaches, etc. All you have to assert is that the sum total of reincarnatable creatures (I am assuming trees/plants don't count) doesn't change.


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