JW's week after week trying to convert me

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  • mrsjones5

    "P.S. To other members: My apologies to anyone else who read this post. It is not in my nature to converse in this manner. However, this individual has been insultive and atagonistic from day one, and it needed to be addressed."

    Well, I have admit I kinda liked your snap back. You've got a backbone. ;D

  • james_woods
    Well, I have admit I kinda liked your snap back. You've got a backbone. ;D

    Same here, Mrs. Jones. I hope the poster HBJ continues with us here even after he has seen the last of these two pushy JWs.

    BTW - I also could not understand all that negative BS coming from one poster. Remember that I am usually one of the first to call out a troll, but HBJ rang true with me on this from the start.

  • undercover
    They come every Tuesday or every Wednesday. Yesterday they asked me if they could come on both days beginning next week for about an hour each visit.

    Ooooh... They're trying to make a "Bible Study" out of you. Not only do they get to count the time for their field service report, they also get to add the highly coveted, yet hard to come by tick in the "Bible Study" column of the report.

    And they don't even have to identify it as such to you. If they have a standing arrangement for a pre-arranged meeting, then by golly, they got themselves an honest-to-Jah Bible Study. Praise Jehovah...

  • james_woods
    Ooooh... They're trying to make a "Bible Study" out of you.

    True, Undercover. But something makes me think they have just set themselves up for another dissappointment in the Field Ministry...

  • MeanMrMustard


    You wrote:

    Yes, they do. They come every Tuesday or every Wednesday. Yesterday they asked me if they could come on both days beginning next week for about an hour each visit. I said I'd have to get back to them on that. I told them yesterday that I was putting a hold on any future meetings for personal reasons. They didn't push the issue. I'm not sure at this point if additional meetings are really going to get us anywhere. They're steadfast in their religion and authority in the wt, and I'm not, as I've already told them I'll never acknowledge the wt or GB. Don't think there's anything left to discuss.

    I think I'm going to agree with some of the other posters - they found a Bible study. Even if they talk to you for 15 minutes a week, they can count you as a Bible study. By coming both days, they'll get off the streets for a while and into an air conditioned room, sitting down, racking up hours and Bible study points. When they turn in their report at the end of the month, it's going to look good.

    I guess it boils down to what your goals are in talking with them. Do you want to try to convince them being a JW isn't right? Or do you just want to learn first hand about their religion? Are you looking for an audience to talk about Bible topics every few days because you enjoy it? Do you seek a debate? Or do you seek confirmation of your beliefs, association with someone who believes as you do?

    If you want to try to convince them they are on the wrong path spiritually, then you have a nice opportunity. They'll come back as long as you seem receptive. By "receptive", I mean that if these elders think you are willing to listen and learn, they'll come back. They AREN'T there to learn from you. They don't come to your door "seeking" truth. They already have the truth about God's nature, Jesus, the end of the world, Christmas, birthdays, and even what sexual positions are OK for couples. They know all of that. If you want to keep their attention, you need to ask questions - make them think they are teaching you. But ask them questions about the organization, its record, it failed prophecies, their defunct chronological calcuations. They'll be JWs until they start to see the WTB&TS is not God's organization. The Trinity - doesn't matter. Whether Jesus and Michael are the same - doesn't matter. If you get into a debate over whether or not you need to show works to gain salvation - doesn't matter. But, if they start to become aware that the governing body is not chosen, the origanization is not chosen... then that person is on his/her way out. It might take years, but they are on their way...

    I have to say that for a short time, regarding a few topics of discussion, it did had me scratching my head, even though my experiences over the years told me otherwise, which were based on solid translations. You input the human equation into the mix and shelf the scientific, as I did during a few of our meetings, and no matter how much knowledge one has, you can get caught off guard. I must say that the more educated/brainwashed JWs are masters at this Bible "ping pong".

    Still happens to me too.

    The New World Translation is unique in one thing - it is the first intentional systematic effort at producing a complete version of the Bible that is edited and revised for the specific purpose of agreeing with a group's doctrine.


    What do you think about Acts 5:3,4 in the NWT?


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    @HBJ- You proved my point that no matter what I say you would respond back.

    Same with your JW whining. You come on here whining about them coming every week and that you don't know how to get rid of them. Several people including myself gave you the obvious answer. For some reason my response hit a nerve with you. I think you actually like them coming by so you can try to impress them. They however, give you answers that you can't explain and it embarrasses you, so you continue the idiot exchange with them.

    Most of us here wouldn't give them no more than a few words at the door. Let me again state the obvious. If you do not want them coming by.....then tell them. Simple as that. You are not going to convert them or impress them by being some kind of bible translator. They are getting to count time with you or they wouldn't come by. You are more like a JW than you realize.....puffed up by your own bible knowledge and thinking your beliefs are the truth.

    Be a man and tell them, and STFU with the whining. Bet you do response, because you can't help it. The JW's will always beat you at that game.

    P.S. I'm not going to point out the errors in your posts, but it is more than my adding an extra n to WHINER!

    Think About It

  • ziddina

    Think About It...


    You aren't usually such a brat... Why are you acting like this???

    Leave that sort of behavior to the board's REAL trolls - like [??] JeffreyJonas, DJEggnog, Reniaa/Malice/Debator, and so on...

    I really don't think that HBJ is a JW trolling... I think he's what he says he is. In which case - I'm happy that he's giving two JWs some grief!!


  • Think About It
    Think About It
    You aren't usually such a brat... Why are you acting like this???

    I'm just messing with him. I gave him the obvious answer and he wanted to go all asshole about it.

    I can post all his posting mistakes if he wants to get a refund on his education.

    Think About It

  • Awen

    @ HBJ Some information regarding the New World Translation Committee.


  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    Hi TrailerFitter. You said, "My wife is being drawn ever closer to baptism and she thinks that she knows it all and is officially trained although she knows not the technical Jargon or any other point of view other than that of the WT. "

    Perhaps you can nip that in the bud. The followinglinkexposes Watchtower by revealing the most outrageous series of Watchtower contradictions that most of us have ever seen. It does it from their own publications. It does it without discussing any doctrines, which, as you know is like talking to your cat.

    If she's willing to take the 9 minutes it takes to read it, there's a good chance that her baptism will be postponed. Good luck.


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