JW's week after week trying to convert me

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  • Think About It
    Think About It
    The question was more of a rhetorical one that I was asking myself.

    AHBJ: Well I see that you have some smartass in you.

    Regardless of what you were thinking....if you truly don't want JW's coming to convert you every week try putting those thoughts into words and expressing how you feel instead of letting them come by and then whinning about it.

    So instead of whinning about the JW's coming every week to convert you, it looks like you have the JW mindset that you can convert them. Have you studied up on your own cult?

    Think About It

  • the-illuminator81

    HBJ: It's fantastic that you got this far with them. Most JWs would never have allowed a householder to attack the translation. Most would have turned and run, saying "Well he is not interested in the truth, he only wants to have a discussion." And you made some fantastic points that will linger in their minds for years.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Good point, Illuminator. As with any cult, they set the terms for discourse. They have little power if you don't play by their rules. No matter how strong your credentials, they are certain they are besting you. Normally, I refuse to engage in any conversation beyond I was a Witness, born-in, some inner knowledge of history, my study, and my hatred of JWs. It only takes two or three sentences.

    People-pleasing has been the ruin of many. I find it hard to be abrupt to people. Nice girls are converted. I have a Jewish friend in Queens who seriously loves her ethicity and religion. She studied seriously with the Hasidim for quite a while in hopes of joining the community. A woman she barely knows has a lust for her Christian church. Against all norms in NYC, she invited her to her church. My friend was insulted but she agreed to go to be nice.

    When I look back on my experience, I now see that seeds of doubt were sown throughout my childhood and adolescence by a JW family member who felt trapped. There was the big drama moment when I declared that my mom would have to call the police to drag me to KH. And I would see a lawyer through legal services b/c I was old enough. The moment wasn't an epiphany but a culmination of many experiences and acquisition of information.

    The Internet has to be deadly for the Witnesses.

  • FreeAtLast1914

    It's already been mentioned, but I agree that the best method of debating JWs is asking them pointed questions like:

    What if I decide to join your religion and do everything except going to meetings? Can you show me in the Bible where I will die at Armageddon for this?

    What if I become a JW and then come to see that the WT is wrong on this or that issue? Can I go with my conscience or do I have to accept the word of a Governing Body I've never met?

    What if I decide it isn't important to turn in a field service slip? Where in the Bible does it command me to do this in order to be in good standing with the congregation?

    What if I decide to enjoy a cigar ever once in awhile? Can I still be a JW? Where in the Bible does it say that a simple cigar will sentence me to eternal death?

    What if I want to grow a beard? Will I be marked? Where in the Bible is it okay to mark someone for having a beard?

    What if I decide to use another Bible solely instead of the NWT? Is that permissible, or will it result in marking?

    In the Bible, it was viewed as noble for the brothers to question their leadership. Does your religion believe that? What if I question beliefs that aren't taught in the Bible? Will I be kicked out for doing something the Bible encourages?

    Can I celebrate birthdays? Where in the Bible are they condemned?

    Simple, pointed questions about their belief system will act as Kryptonite to JWs. They will soon run for the hills. Trust me.

  • HBJ

    @ Think About It: "AHBJ: Well I see that you have some smartass in you."

    Ah, you don't like it when somebody responds back to you with the same behavioral traits you portray. Interesting.

    The fact is that you are an instigator with obviously nothing better to do than antagonize for some warped reason. If you're looking for a battle to make yourself feel good, then you've come to the wrong place. You're the only person so far that has offered nothing but worthless posts.

    "So instead of whinning about the JW's coming every week to convert you, it looks like you have the JW mindset that you can convert them.

    You keep saying that I'm "whining". Here's a cookie, get the spelling right if you're going to use that word in every post. Are you on this site just to annoy folks? Don't answer that, it would just be additional mindless babble. You obviously have issues. Nowhere in any of your posts has there been one iota of anything that could be construed as insightful.

    "Have you studied up on your own cult?"

    That comment demonstrated how much of an ignorant ass you really are. It appears that you have a BIG chip on your shoulder and or suffering from some type of dementia. It could be that you're just a poor lost soul in the world of intelligence. Have you sought out psychiatric care? Don't answer that either, it was a rhetorical question. If you don't know what that means, look it up.

    This conversation is over, Junior. I'm done conversing with with an ignorant jerk. You're a little ankle biter with nothing better to do. Follow your bone to another post... I won't repsond to you again.

    P.S. To other members: My apologies to anyone else who read this post. It is not in my nature to converse in this manner. However, this individual has been insultive and atagonistic from day one, and it needed to be addressed.

  • MeanMrMustard


    Do these visiting JWs have a set time each week they are supposed to call?

    I also agree with some of the other posters: These JWs are not Bible students, they are Watchtower students. If you are a believing Christian (which is sounds like you are), then it might be hard to accept that the Bible might not be the right tool to get through to these individuals. In my opinion, you'll just end up playing Bible ping-pong with them. True, you might shake one of them up a bit, temporarily. But it won't matter. They'll just go back to the WT library, or the meeting, or the next door, and be re-inforced with the WT doctrine.

    In my opinion, and you are free to disagree, the most damaging thing you can do to a JW (damanging from the WT perspective, but good from a non-JW perspective), is to show them plain and simple that the WT is not God's organization. They claim to be prophets by any reasonable definition, have failed predictions, and the chronological calculations they use as evidence for divine support are flawed from 607 all the way to 1914. Once they start to see the WT is a scam, then the Bible might help. Right now they aren't Bible students, they are WT students.... just waiting for the GB to get more enlightenment.


  • blondie

    I have this screening across my computer:


    They still have a dozen excuses even when you get their attention:

    The light is brighter now (even if it was stated last year and nothing new has been printed since)

    If it isn't in a current WT publication, something said by a WT authority, it doesn't count.

    Even if you show them from their own copy of the WT publication they will say an apostate snuck into their house or KH library and replaced it with a fake/doctored publication.

  • MeanMrMustard


    They are on to us. We better back off sneaking into the KH libraries for a while. I mean, we all know that every KH's alarm code is 4310 .... :)


  • HBJ

    @MeanMrMustard: @HBJ:Do these visiting JWs have a set time each week they are supposed to call?

    Yes, they do. They come every Tuesday or every Wednesday. Yesterday they asked me if they could come on both days beginning next week for about an hour each visit. I said I'd have to get back to them on that. I told them yesterday that I was putting a hold on any future meetings for personal reasons. They didn't push the issue. I'm not sure at this point if additional meetings are really going to get us anywhere. They're steadfast in their religion and authority in the wt, and I'm not, as I've already told them I'll never acknowledge the wt or GB. Don't think there's anything left to discuss.

    I have to say that for a short time, regarding a few topics of discussion, it did had me scratching my head, even though my experiences over the years told me otherwise, which were based on solid translations. You input the human equation into the mix and shelf the scientific, as I did during a few of our meetings, and no matter how much knowledge one has, you can get caught off guard. I must say that the more educated/brainwashed JWs are masters at this Bible "ping pong".

    The New World Translation is unique in one thing - it is the first intentional systematic effort at producing a complete version of the Bible that is edited and revised for the specific purpose of agreeing with a group's doctrine.

  • trailerfitter

    I find it rediculous that you entertain the JWs... they do not have any other source other than what the WTBTS provide. My wife is being drawn ever closer to baptism and she thinks that she knows it all and is officially trained although she knows not the technical Jargon or any other point of view other than that of the WT. I have very little knowledge of the bible and can quickly pick holes in something from the bible,... the fact is there is no room for compromise , they take no prisoners so if you feel like you are getting no where then that is true. You as an educated man perhaps needs to talk with and dicuss with more open and intellegent people than the JWs.

    The other important thing you must consider...they are practicing on you Like my wife uses me to strengthen her beliefs... The more you resist them the hard they try.

    Interesting fact I found out. The JWs say that things are getting worse..this is the end becuase of the way things are. Biblical issues maybe a strong point in the JWs camp but HISTORY is not. Most are really retarded on this subject. Ask who found a cure for small pox and they will not know. 1666 AD was the fire of London and was seen to be the end of it all because of the date number connection. They have no idea about the fequency of earthquakes on a daily basis of historical disasters famines plagues etc etc....... In the UK the Victorians made it law that children went to school, they provided milk to get rid of rickets which this diease plagued children.....where is it getting worse...?

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