Oh the weirdness: Observations from a study

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  • howdidtihappen

    I started studying JW with a work friend because she used to keep me at arms length and i knew it was because of her religion. She and her family are such lovely people so i thought maybe there was something to it, how bad can it be, etc. I was enticed by this girls friendship as she has been spending more time with me but continues to say "you're not one of us yet" which continually freaks me out. By now I've figured out I'm being manipulated. Anyway, i went to the kingdom hall yesterday for the first time and straight away thought it looked like a business meeting. Suits are HUMBLE?

    A few other observations:

    - Is there a rule about sitting next to boys if you're a girl? There was a weird exchange between my friend and this girl who was sitting in front of us, next to a guy. She quickly said "It shouldn't stumble anyone, we're like brother and sister!" STUMBLE?

    - What the hell are the guys who get up during the meeting and go outside or go stand at the back of the room doing? I saw people having conversations outside and figured they can't be taking it too seriously if they aren't inside, listening. One guy (an MS) went from sitting down, to standing at the back, to wandering around outside. This is all allowed?

    -Do guys not want to get caught talking to a study? I got that impression. I was talking to a guy (most basic conversation - I've also learned the JWs don't have much to say except drill me about my intentions) and this older man comes up to us and says to this guy "Your cousin wants to see you. Over THERE. She's not coming over HERE." Am I imagining things/overanalyzing?

    - After the meeting, i went to my first JW gathering. I got hugged by guys who wouldn't even acknowledge me at the hall, and suddenly all the girls in the hall worried the slightest bit of cleavage was showing had their tits hanging out, and the shorts skirts came on. Isn't that just a bit hypocritical? These are the same guys we have to cover up for lest we "stumble" them at the hall?

    Needless to say, I've seen enough to put me off!

    And also, my name was supposed to be "howdidIThappen" ;) And it's pretty self explanatory the inspiration behind it.

  • mrsjones5

    Your spider sense is telling you to run like hell. You're not wrong. Run!

  • watson

    Welcome. By the way, I'd be interested in studying with you!

  • EntirelyPossible

    You pretty much nailed it.

    Stumbling means doing anything that may mildly offend someone, based on their own warped view or thing the guys in charge in Brookly say are wrong, like a boy and girl that aren't at married holding hands in public.

    The guys wandering around are doing anything to avoid the drivel from stage and pretending to be doing busy work, but it's busy work in the name of the Lord, so it's OK.

    Mr. Overzealous was tell you two to quit talking, subtley isn't their strong point. Being a raging bowl full of dicks is.

    The rule with JWs is the same as it was 500 years ago with the plague. Run far, run fast, never come back.

  • InterestedOne

    howdidithappen wrote:

    I started studying JW with a work friend because she used to keep me at arms length and i knew it was because of her religion.

    I had a similar experience and did a study in attempt to understand my female JW friend's beliefs better. I stopped after 9 months. If you click on my username, then go to "topics posted on," and click on my first post (or just click here), you may find that some of my feelings were like yours. People on this forum gave me some good advice as I went through the study. I only made it halfway through the "What Does The Bible Really Teach" booklet because I just couldn't stomach it anymore. Yes you are being manipulated. If you haven't already, I suggest reading up on propaganda techniques and cult tactics.

    Forgive me for not quite getting it, but although you said your username is self-explanatory, I have a couple of different interpretations. By "howdidithappen," do you mean how did it happen that you ended up involved with JW's, or do you mean how did it happen that the JW's exist?

  • Heaven

    Welcome howdidithappen.

    Suits are HUMBLE?

    Yeah... I don't have the heart to tell my Dad (a JW with dementia who insists on wearing suits) that they represent 'The Man'...ie, someone with an agenda that doesn't include anything in your best interests.

    Needless to say, I've seen enough to put me off!

    Excellent. My recommendation: Do Not Go Back.

  • MrMonroe

    Howdidithappen, you're a pretty cluey person finding your way to this website after just one meeting, and changing the pic on your avatar and all. Nice work.

    There are a lot of strange undercurrents that go on at meetings. There are many unwritten rules of conduct (or combat). It really is a very unusual place. It is so out of the ordinary that sincere converts quickly start adopting the lingo "in the truth", "brother", "that comment was so encouraging!" in order to fit in.

  • Ding

    It's kinda fun hearing how WT lingo and practice seems to someone who is experiencing it for the first time.

    FYI, "stumble" means cause someone else to sin by leading them to think that they can get away with doing what you are doing or thinking of doing

    Usually a study gets love bombed at a KH, but if they think you're more interested in a JW woman than in getting baptized as a JW, the atmosphere will cool quickly. So that's why they want to know your intentions.

    The JW woman you are/were interested in won't be interested in you until you get baptized and become a full fledged, loyal JW.

    Even then, there's no guarantee that she'll be interested in you at all.

    Unless you want to spend the rest of your life going door to door placing Watchtower literature and living the way you saw the JWs at the KH live, chalk this up as an interesting experience and cut off all involvement, including trying to date the JW woman.

  • cptkirk

    better to see it now than later.

  • cantleave

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