What Is It That Really Troubles the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses?

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  • cptkirk

    their special gb eyes only book getting out to the public.

  • WTWizard

    They might be able to stop the witlesses from researching. And to a degree, they are pretty successful in doing that. They threaten people with loss of "privileges(??)", with death and destruction, even with demons. They threaten with porn that pops up gratuitously (if I ever had that problem, I would immediately suspect a virus and run a good antivirus at once, since that's the only way that can happen). They threaten with poison on most web sites (except their own, of course). The ones that do research are instructed that they are supposed to stick with the official sites and not venture off onto another site. And, they call those who start discussion boards "indiscreet".

    However, it does damage. The witlesses cannot stop people of interest from researching things. You do some basic searching, and you find a dozen sites judging the religion Not Acceptable and detailing what's wrong with it. I myself sent one study to Six Screens of the Watchtower, and that ruined that study. More will find this forum, or will find Freeminds, or Silentlambs, or some other apostate discussion board or apostate web site. These usually make more sense to the average outsider with some knowledge of the Bible than the official site or the religion itself does. My line is that, if they have dirty laundry to hide, they will tell people not to look there--and, if you look there, you are going to find it.

    What they are afraid of is that their growth is going to be in places where people cannot donate anything. Around here, they can donate things--if the dollar becomes worthless, they can still donate time, or valuables like silver, gold, art work, precious stones, or hard goods. In places like Nigeria, they can't even do that--yet they still need littera-trash that takes resources to distribute. And, it does no good to find people that are going to molest (or eat) children--such people cannot contribute anything of value, yet they waste resources. The ones they want are the same ones that can just do some research before they commit (and I recommend doing that, whether to the witlesses, Mormons, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Catholic, or any other religion). And, if they don't like what they find, they will not commit--after wasting resources to print and distribute the littera-trash, the Washtowel Slaveholdery (and anyone that helped them) takes a bath.

  • DesirousOfChange

    [Referring to GB:] I personally don't think they fear much. Their egos keep them nice in snug within their fantasy and their minions keep them fed well and their butts wiped often.

    I don't think they fear anything. They believe they have Divine Protection. Surely such sites as this are monitored by the "minions", but I seriously doubt if the minions even keep them informed about the goings on out in "apostate world" unless there are serious ramifications to be addressed. Drops in the numbers of "new growth" and cash flow may be alarming trends to which they seem to be responding recently.

  • Pistoff

    I think they fear this forum. I think this forum is the main reason they attack the internet, and "apostates".

    It has a core of educated people who have no fear of them and aren't afraid to call out their nonsense.

    Every week Blondie disassembles the WT study, counts the Jesus and Jehovah references, exposes the bad quotes and points out the continual harping on blind obedience.

    Barb Anderson and other ex Bethelites post here; they have the inside track on the nonsense.

    I wonder if they withheld the Daniel book because they were afraid of the skewering they would get here.

  • Retrovirus

    I wonder if they fear the massive exodus of young people, especially those raised in? Or the lack of men willing to "reach out"?

    Because as the jw population grays and Armageddon delays, these will translate into income drying up!

  • moshe

    Going to JAIL.-

    I wouldn't be suprised that the GB members have signed waivers handing over their meager power to some committee- they are just paid PR people with no hands on supervisory authority now- the GB emeritus. Ever since the pedophile lawsuits, the GB has hunkered down and just smiled and waved after the few talks they give, just to keep their benefits going and the contributions coming in. They are the Department store santas for the WT Org.

  • garyneal
    Damn thing keeps me up at night, too.

    Yeah me too.

  • Farkel

    The comments on this topic are among the best EVER I've seen on any similar topic.

    I think the posters have just about nailed everything that gets the Governing Body's shorts twisted into knots.

    Great job, guys and gals!


  • AllTimeJeff

    Governing Body 2.1 (now that the generation who saw 1914 are all dead, they have moved up from 2.0)

    What really troubles the GB is what troubles any elder who first realizes that they aren't running a religion, but a business.

    As a new elder, you get this idea in your head that all you will do is read and study and quote scripture. After 1 year, you have called the CO and the Service Dept about as much as you consult the four Gospel accounts on anything. Your new job is to figure out if the 1978 WT on loose conduct can be used in the judicial committee about the poor sista who got her ta ta's touched by that 19 year old almost ministerial servanted brother.

    As a new GB, you thought that you would help run a spiritual paradise. Instead, you have to deal with how not to get your ass sued off for the following.

    • Breaking up families thanks to shunning.
    • Having a database of over 20,000 known pedophiles (yup, you bet your sweet ass there are thousands of unknowns) and then having the schweaty BALLS to say that they won't cooperate with law enforcement as a matter of organizational policy. (but you can call in pedophiles to the police anonymously from a phone booth in a stunning act of courage rivaling David v Goliath)
    • Having to explain to the hundreds and thousands who died because they wouldn't take blood medicine that they actually can partake of blood fraction medicine if their conscience allows.

    They know. Really. They KNOW that the whole thing is a scam. That has to suck as much as being an elder and realizing that you aren't in a religion where you can positively make a difference for people, but in a cult, and that your first job isn't to shepherd the sheep. The first job of an appointed elder is to protect the GB and all their legal entities from lawsuits.

    Oh, revenue's are sort of drying up. Sort of a bummer to have to sell billiions of dollars worth of property. Not to worry. Whether it's at Brooklyn, Patterson, or Numb Nuts NY, one thing the GB won't have to worry about is comfortable, paid for living quarters, and the power to control millions.

  • dogisgod

    Yes, the internet. AND OMG when did they let an ETHNIC person into the GB. When I was growing up they were all German Americans.

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