What has the WT$ TAKEN from you?

by VampireDCLXV 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • jean-luc picard
    jean-luc picard

    The road I followed has led me to where I am now, and as I like very much where I am now, as leavingwt says,

    I wouldn't go back and alter history.

    I didnt always feel that way. Dating after leaving the borg wasnt easy. But then non exjws also have some dificulty there. I used to be jealous as hell of my wifes past sexual experiences. That was difficult to come to terms with, but I have found my peace there too.

    I can easily get very angry at the WTB$, but I try to avoid harping on it. It wouldnt change a thing fot them as they dont care, but it would spoil my day.

  • discreetslave

    I know that if I had known about Russell's ties with the occult I wouldn't have gotten baptized. Yet if I had not become a witness I wouldn't have my husband and our kids. So I wouldn't alter history either.

    I gave up a dramatic arts scholarship and for a while I gave up on being myself and happiness.

  • redsoxfan1393

    The oppourtinity to get to be with the girl that was my best friend and I fell in love with... All this stuff with my family and that I am barely able to do anything with my friends really messed that up. Its so complicated.... It shouldn't have gone the way it did but thanks to my crazy JW parents it did...

  • cantleave

    42 years of weekends!

  • bigmac

    my youth

    my children ( got 1 back now )

    my grandchildren--all 7 now--found out another arrived the other week ( via the grapevine )

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The WT$ has taken dignity and self-esteem away from tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands!

  • Magwitch

    My marriage

  • flipper

    The main thing the WT society took ( past tense ) from me was my freedom of thinking , expression, and freedom to live. I corrected that little detail by exiting the JW cult at age 44 in 2003. I have regained my freedom back and think for myself now.

    Still- The WT society has taken my 24 & 22 yr.old daughters from me in that I am shunned by them and have a strained relationship if any relationship at all. I have 3 older JW siblings who never call me ( never did when I was a Witness either ) and essentially are siblings in title only . Although I have stood on higher ground and called them in the past to see how they are doing- it's never returned. So my relationship with my siblings that most non-Witnesses enjoy basically doesn't exist.

    But- I refuse to dwell on the negative. I have 2 excellent parents- JW's - who respect my fading status and show love to me and my wife. I have a ex-JW son who is as close to me as a brother aged 26. And the WT society couldn't steal away my lovely wife Mrs. Flipper . Although they tried causing us anguish when we first got married - I stood up to them and they overturned my DFing , I won my appeal and they ran away like dogs with their tails between their legs. Haven't been bothered in over 4 years by them . If they know what's good for them- they'll stay away and not challenge me

  • discreetslave

    Hey Vampire were 3 for 3 I'm a bit ADHD. I sent you a PM

  • jaguarbass

    I graduated high school in 71, so I didnt get a college education because the world was going to end in 1975.

    I thank the Watchtower for being so kind to give me a date, so I could know I was dealing with a bunch of liars.

    Still, I got off to a slow start it was 1983 by the time I figured out how to escape the tower without destroying myself and

    those around me.

    They got 31 years of my life and greatly diminished my earning capability and my ability to enjoy my life.

    I dont like to have anyone to blame when things go wrong, and too many times in my life I have had the watchtower

    society to blame for my problems.

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