What has the WT$ TAKEN from you?

by VampireDCLXV 23 Replies latest jw experiences

  • watersprout

    I feel far too self-conscious. I'm a wallflower and a loner, still.

    Come out with me and no longer will you be a wallflower or self conscious! It wouldn't be possible... Lol

    The WT almost took my life but I was pulled back from the brink and my life is looking pretty good. I celebrate everything and yes I do celebrate it like I would have done as a child, except I get to make all the decisions. It's more fun that way! Lol.

    I'm finally studying for a career and will be leaving my ''awake'' degree behind me

    The WT ain't taking no more of my life. *Mutters evil bastards the lot of them*


  • Jadeen


    One thing that I really feel that I missed out on was getting to know my extended family. My parents became JWs when I was about 5, so I can vaguely remember holidays. But we pretty much stopped having much to do with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Now that I'm older and have a say in what I do, I've been hanging out with them more. I've been finding out how much fun they can be.

    My folks would say, "They only want to get together during holidays." Well, no shit! That's the only time that pretty much everybody has time off work! Grrrr

  • purpleplus

    The WTBS took my 20's away from me. When most people are ambitious and driven, I was complacent. I did just enough to support myself and be a "good publisher". I know I have the potential to do great things. However, I'm still mourning those years of suspended animation. "I would have been further along if I did such and such when I was 24 or 25." Thoughts like that still haunt me.

  • paladin

    I agree on the WT$ taking away your youthful years and our money.

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