WTS Controlling Tactics Similar to Phillip Garrido's on Jaycee Dugard ........

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    “An 11-year-old who is abducted and held against her will has little alternative but to bond with her captors,” said Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist and FOX News contributor. “To maintain one’s desperation and grief and rage for many years, would be too damaging to the human mind – so the human mind tells itself a story about safety and contentment to safeguard itself – that’s the essence of Stockholm syndrome.”
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    This is how I read Jaycee and I am seeing how a born-in JW captive could be similar. Even a convert who starts to question things, their doubt and potential rage at being tricked can cause the mind to run back to the idea that they should stop questioning. It's cognitive dissonance at it's best.

    More from that same article: "She is at risk for the most severe post-traumatic symptoms, including flashbacks, but she is also at risk for severe depression and for substance abuse to deal with the feelings likely to surface now that she is safe,” Ablow said. “Regarding Jaycee's children: They know nothing but the life they have lived and will need teams of healing professionals to encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings in order to have any hope of escaping severe mental disorders.”

    We certainly see some of this in the withdrawal of many former JW's. I don't think Garrido intentionally learned tactics from WTS, I just think it works the same for WTS as it does for a long-term hostage taker like Garrido. They learned it before him, but from the likes of him.

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    No Room For George

    Mr.Flipper, I tip my hat to you, because you caught the Garrido/WT connection first, but not just that. You've been on top of how much the WT may have influenced those nuts too. Tip my hat to you man.

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    You've gone thru hell girl!!

    Sorry doesn't cover it but .... if I could take a big eraser and remove it all, I would!


  • flipper

    CLARITY- Exactly. I mean, like you said - Where could Jaycee have gone to while in captivity ? As a 11 yr.old girl her options were none at all except surviving under the control of her kidnappers . Pretty disgusting how Garrido & his wife abused her mentally, emotionally, & sexually.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I know as you said it must have been very difficult for you to read about Jaycee's abuse and kidnapping and controlled environment she lived in as it reminded you of your youth also. I'm so sorry you went through that abuse by your parents. Hopefully by reading about Jaycee it has cleared up some of the mind control tactics you've seen not only in child abusers but in the Jehovah's Witness cult as well. To see the similarities that both Garrido used and the WT society - I know it has reaffirmed to me just how dangerous cults like the JW's are and how they attract nutcase people as you mentioned. It's as if controlling abusers like Garrido see the Witnesses as a vehicle to use to employ their abusive tactics on potential victims. A means to an end of sorts. Very scary.

    ON THE WAY OUT- Thanks for the links to the Fox news psychiatrist's statements. Very informative and interesting. Jaycee definitely went through a Stockholm Syndrome for sure identifying with her captors just for pure survival moment by moment. As the psychiatrist mentioned in your link that Jaycee and her children will need professional therapy and assistance for many years to come in order to get a new start in the outside world. So far- it seems like they are doing quite well, better than anybody would anticipate for what they went through.

    I agree with you that Phillip Garrido had probably already learned these controlling tactics BEFORE he became a Witness as he had raped and taken another woman hostage in the 1970's. That being said - I feel he learned FURTHER mind control tactics once he learned about the Witnesses from his JW wife who got him indoctrinated into the cult. Nancy ( his wife ) was very manipulative herself in assisting him in the abduction of Jaycee and I'm sure she used JW and WT mind control tactics on Jaycee as well with Phillip. It seems like it when you read Jaycee's book " A Stolen Life " . Pretty sad actually.

    NO ROOM FOR GEORGE- Thanks for your kind words. I just remember seeing the JW connection 2 years ago in an article and then when the Interview with Jaycee by Dianne Sawyer mentioned the Garido's were JW's - then it seemed to give more credibility to the report from 2 years ago. I do believe it's important to get the message out to JW's AND NON-JW's how easy it was for Phillip & Nancy Garrido to manipulate the system , i.e. prison system AND religious systems ( Jehovah's Witnesses ) to keep going on unchecked for 18 years in abusing this poor girl, now lady. People in our society have GOT to start waking up and smelling the coffee ! People need to be more attentive to these dangers and protect the children. ALL children

  • TotallyADD

    Hi flipper. I saw this same controlling tactics in the homes of JW when I growing up. My parents did the same thing as this nut case did. My dad would tell me don't trust anyone who is not a JW. Don't make any freinds who are not JW. Don't have any interest outside the JW cult. Why because they are all going to be killed at armageddon. As a child this scare tactic works real well with children. The problem is when these children grow up this paranoia thinking continues on. This is the danger of this cult. You can go into any average KH and you will see this wrap thinking everywhere. That is why you see so many born-ins screwed up. Totally ADD

  • sizemik

    Flipper . . . the parallels are remarkable . . . well spotted, and great post.

    I think we can consider another part of the parallel though not so obvious . . .

    The WTS "had their way" with us once captive . . . F****D us at their pleasure psychologically without regard for our well-being. We gave birth to offspring like broken families, lost friends, mental illness, suicide etc.

    Dominating others psychologically was a pleasure for them as they proudly tallied their mounting conquests. It's a peversion through and through.

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    Iam new here, but flipper you start and keep alive a great post.

    Sizemik what you write is ovbiouse now you articulate it.


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  • willyloman

    Thanks, flipper, for pointing out the similarities...which are revealling.

    Reading the comments here I was surprised that the Garrido/JW connection was news to some. Another (earlier) thread on this forum contains interesting links if anyone wants to do more research. The LA Times and the SF Chronicle are among the major news organizations that first brought to light the following facts.

    1. Nancy G was a JW who met Phillip G while she was visiting an imprisoned relative. During her visits, she struck up a conversation w PG and he showed interest. The news reports are sketchy on the details, but those of us who were long-time JWs know what all this means. She either conducted a prison study with him or arranged for a male publisher to do so... but either way, she maintained contact because as we all know they eventually married.

    2. PG got out of prison in large part because he convinced authorities he was a JW and a changed man. The official writing the parole report on him deemed PG to no longer be a threat. This, after serving 10 years of a 50 year sentence for raping a 21 dealer he kidnapped at Tahoe and held hostage in a stor-all unit he had converted to a torture cell. She escaped, he was arrested. This chilling, premeditated incident foretold his future entrapment of poor Jaycee.

    3. Whether PG ever got baptized is unclear. But NG has been identified as a JW in numerous news accounts, including the recent ABC news special hosted by Diane Sawyer. The Garridos continued to espouse fringe religious philosophy even though news accounts are unclear how long he went to the local KH after parole. And news accounts don't specify whether she continued going to the Hall without him, or for how long. But when PG was arrested, he was applying for a permit to proseltyze on a college campus (as JWs do regularly) and distribute religious tracts (which were written and printed by PG). This public "witnessing" and tract distribution has a familiar ring to it, and we can all guess where he learned it.

  • flipper

    TOALLY ADD- I'm sorry you were treated so badly in your JW youth. As you mentioned - the tactics were and are very similar to the tactics Phillip garido used on Jaycee Dugard. No wonder JW youth have a skewed view of the world growing up ! The fear instilled in them is enormous in content.

    SIZEMIK- Good analogy thanks . We were all psycholgically raped as Witnesses without thought to our well being for sure. It was a perversion of the WT society to psychologically manipulate and dominate us to our demise as free humans. I'm glad we escaped !

    MYOHORENGEKYO- Thanks. I feel t's important to see comparisons to drive the point home how abused and controlled and manipulated we were as Jehovah's Witnesses.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- Thanks for the bump.

    WILYLOMAN- Thanks. And thank you for the comments regarding the L.A. Times & S.F. Chronicle information concerning Phillip & Nancy Garrido. When we check the timeline of WHEN Phillip Garrido got out of prison it's only about 3 years before he and his wife abducted Jaycee Dugard. I don't know if they were still officially Jehovah's Witnesses from 3 years earlier in 1988 until 1991 - but it occured to me it's a real possibility they BOTH may have been still JW's at the time of the kidnapping ! That is an extremely sobering and provoking thought. Thanks for your points you mentioned. Peace out , Mr. Flipper

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