WTS Controlling Tactics Similar to Phillip Garrido's on Jaycee Dugard ........

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  • flipper

    ........ and of course, that should come as no big surprise considering Phillip and Nancy Garrido were Jehovah's Witnesses either before, or quite possibly at the time they abducted & kidnapped Jaycee and stole her life away for 18 years. I will share some excerpts from Jaycee Dugard's new book " A Stolen Life " and see if you also identify similar mind control tactics Garrido used on Jaycee that the WT society uses on 7 million members.

    Notice this quote from Jaycee about schools and education , " I, however, have mixed feelings about high school. On the one hand, for eighteen years I had been taught ( by Garrido ) that schools are BAD and kids learn BAD things there and peer pressure can RUIN A CHILD'S LIFE FOREVER ; but when I consider who I heard all this stuff from, a kidnapper, rapist, pedophile, narcissistic, pervert, I can only come to one conclusion. Maybe school isn't so bad AFTER all ! " ( Jaycee's teenage girls are now attending public school. )

    On page 142 Jaycee continues, " Phillip gave me an AWFUL image of the world. To me a large part of the world was made up of pedophiles and rapists. I have come to realize this is not true. There are some really fantastic, wonderful, and helpful people out here who have been amazing and comforting and try every day to do the right thing. I was CONDITIONED to think the outside world was a scary place , and the ONLY place I was safe and my girls were safe was to stay with their dad ( Garrido ). He always took care of everything. He always had an ANSWER for everything . If I ever questioned him, yes, he would listen, but then would tell me why I was wrong and why only HIS WAY would work. One of the reasons I stayed was I wanted my kids to be safe. The OUTSIDE WORLD was scary for me. I was so afraid that if I left or tried to leave and take them both with me , I wouldn't be able to protect them. I knew they were so safe in the backyard ; I didn't have to worry about anyone taking them like I was taken. "

    Interesting, isn't it ? Phillip Garrido, her kidnapper had convinced Jaycee that the world was evil, full of bad people waiting to abuse her AND he convinced her that schools were bad and dangerous for children as well. The WT society teaches Witnesses that the world is bad and evil and people will abuse them AND the WT society teaches that higher education is bad to attain as it will cause Witnesses to think for themselves independently .

    Is it possible that just like Jaycee being frightened of leaving that back yard from her captor and abuser Phillip Garrido ; that many Jehovah's Witnesses are afraid and terrified to go into the outside world because of being taught the " outside world " is evil, from Satan, and that they won't be SAFE there ? I feel that Garrido used these same " fear " tactics to control Jaycee Dugard that the WT society uses on controlling and keeping JW's from seeking their freedom in the outside world. False statements producing unreasonable fearful expectations within members like " You will FALL AWAY from the truth ! " or " you will " be overeached by Satan into sin ! " or " wicked " worldly " people will cause you to stray from the organization ! " ALL of these are fear producing statements that many times almost always are false . But the WT society uses this to keep Witnesses trapped like an enslaved animal- just as Phillip Garrido used fear to entrap Jaycee Dugard as well.

    So- I'd be interested in your takes, comments, and observations ! Do you see how insidious the fear tactics are the WT society uses ? And what experiences have YOU seen or had where WT society representatives or others tried scaring you and controlling you & others with fear ? As always, hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you ! Take care

  • Magwitch

    Shocking, but very similar to the Org. They drilled it in us constantly that were our protector - our refuge from the wind, when in reality they were our captor.

  • myohorengekyo

    H flipper...my take is the WT controlls out of desperation..the controll tactic that saddens me is the misconcetion of love used by its belivers.


  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    This post reminded me of something from years ago.. During a talk, the speaker read out this (as far as we knew) true experience: A young man decided one day to tell his parents that he didn't want to go to the meetings anymore, threw out his 'truth' books, packed up and left home. A short time passed (can't remember, I think the speaker said a few days after he left), and the young man went into a pub/bar and got talking to a girl. Next thing he knows, her jealous boyfriend comes up and stabs him. He died, and this was used as an example of the kind of world it is 'out there' and how youngsters should stay safe in the organisation. Me and most of the congregation were sat there stunned and silent. That terrified me as a youngster, and this post just brought that fear back for a minute. The impression that such experiences can have is hard to explain..

  • flipper

    MAGWITCH- Very good point. WT society claimed to be our protector when in reality they had captured us and controlled us. Very true. Glad we got our freedom !

    MYOHORENGEKYO- I agree. WT society is desperate to control members and very true they totally make their members disconnect from any semblance of real authentic love for others.

    THE QUIET ONE- You make a great point. WT society uses " scary " experiences to try to put fear into Witnesses so they won't leave the cult. They tell them horrific things happen if you leave ! But it's usually totally untrue ! Good things happen once you exit the Jehovah's witnesses ! Like thinking for yourself and freedom of mind ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Awen

    Nice post.

    I was unaware that the Garridos were/are JW's. Then again I haven't really followed this story.

    The fear tactics really seem to be in full swing nowadays considering all the talks against apostates and associating with DFed people. There is a JW who works for an electrical contractor that many times comes by my workplace to make repairs (often the result of their own shoddy work). I knew this person back when I was a JW and he was 8 years old. He's now married and still a JW and in his early twenties.

    He has been very careful about speaking to me on Watchtower teachings but sometimes I can use the works of other religions and before he knows it make a comparison to the JW's. BAM! Got him.

    One such particular time we were discussing disfellowshipping and he had stated how his mother (whom I also know and used to work for) really holds to the WT teachings when it comes to the treatment of DFed people. I mentioned the Book of Corinthians and how Paul spoke about the man who took his father's wife (his step mom) into his own bed and the resulting expulsion from the congregation. After a little discussion I mentioned how in the "All Scripture is Inspired Book" that it's been estimated that from the time of Paul's first letter to the Corinthians (and the expulsion of the Brother) to the second letter (Paul admonishing his reinstatement) was a period of no more than six months. Considering Paul's advice on how the person was to be treated and that meetings were often held in individual homes I asked how was it that the Brothers knew this person had repented if they didn't even say hello to him? The JW was dumbfounded. he didn't know the answer. I told him that evidently the WT teaching is not in harmony with the scriptures as the only way that the Brothers would have known of his repentence would have been by conversing with him. I also pointed out that Paul counseled against waiting a long time to re-instate the person, for fear that he may be over reached by Satan, in contrast to the WT policy of a years to several years for re-instatement. He said he would have to look up the information.

    On his next visit he didn't want to discuss it and thought we shouldn't speak to each other as he was warned that I was apparently trying to twist the scriptures. I simply responded that he could look the information up for himself in the "SI" book and 1 and 2nd Corinthians. It's all there. What was he afraid of?

    No reply.

    He still comes by (as I mentioned the company he works for often has to fix their own mistakes) and it's fun to chat, but it's getting to where he is avoiding me. He once asked me if I was ever going to come back. In response I lit a cigarette and just looked at him.



  • flipper

    AWEN- Interesting post . Very true. The WT society IS using fear tactics to the ultimate right now and escalating the tactics to scare Witnesses from listening to " apostates ". You handled that JW very well at your workplace making him think and pointing him to the WT publication telling him to check it out. Isn't it amazing the WT society will tell us we are twisting their own information to them when it's THEY themselves who have printed this drivel ? And I bet that guys elders got to him after you had talked with him- so they told him to avoid you most likely. Very well done though. You still planted a thought in this guys head which is good

  • clarity

    Flipper oh ya, it's de 'javous all over again (was it Babe Ruth said that?).

    Sounds so watchtowery! Even down to her living quarters, junky... good enough for her!!

    Be content with just "food & covering" (don't buy a house). Where could she go away to now. She belonged to him! UGH.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Great topic

    When I read the book too much of it hit home with how I was raised by my parents, they were so very similar to the Garrido's in their thinking that I had a hard time getting through the book.

    Now seeing you point it out I totally see it the same as the WT society. To me growing up in many ways it is a blur between what my parents did to control me and what the WT society did and said. The elders while they thought my parents were crazy also told me I had to honor my parents. Talk about that screwing up my mind.

    My parents did not want me to go to school like Phillip did they too felt shcool would ruin my life and being the new system was so close there was not real need in it anyway. My parents also felt there were rapist and murderers everywhere. My parents tried to keep me captive just like the Garrido's did to Jaycee.

    Thinking of it this way it truly goes to show that this religion really attracts the most deranged nut cases out there. The scary thing is the harm they do other or could do, by cold calling on peoples door. Phillip Garrido could have taken a child from going door to door just as easy as he took Jaycee.


  • life is to short
    life is to short


    You are right but the horrible conditions Jaycee lived in. Just be content with food and covering the new system will be here soon.

    The home I grew up was beyond horrible and was condemned by the city, even with that the PO or now COBE told me it was not that bad and his wife said I was lying. I asked her how as I have proof the city condemned it. She just started yelling telling me she was in it when I was a baby and it was not that bad. My aunt told me when she had visited when I was a baby also there was a rat on the table.

    It is just amazing how sick the JW's are.


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