..Which has Caused You the Most Grief in Your Life..The Outside World or Watchtower World?..

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I get to spend eternity with people I can`t stand..LOL!!

    You summed it up well here Outlaw.

    All the JW's I knew had problems of some sort if not mental illness then they were narcissistic or so into themselves it was unreal. I thought it was me that was screwed up most of my life until I started to look at the people outside the religion and I realized that they were happy and they treated each other with kindness. Something I had never experienced in the JW's.

    So being a JW really caused me a ton of grief.

    I too am like you in wishing my parents had never joined the religion.


  • dm6

    ill be honest in saying that i thought it was better in the WTS. But of course, when i got my sanity back and saw it for what it was i realized i was much ahppier outside,, this time drug free!!


    Once again..

    Thank you all for your comments..

    When the WBT$ keeps you Isolated..

    You have no Idea other JW`s are going through the same thing..

    Even when your an Active JW..

    You don`t find out much,until your Out of WatchTower World..


    Get to Actually Connect with other JW`s with No WatchTower Censorship..


  • Magwitch

    I had no idea how miserable I was in Watchtowerland. I simply thought it was the price we pay for being in this wicked system of things. Two elders came to my door a couple of weeks ago - it brought back such awful memories. They both had missing teeth, bad, bad suits and they smelled. When they asked if I have considered being reinstated - I about lost my lunch

  • LongHairGal

    OUTLAW: In all honesty, I would have to say the religion gave me more grief. With the world, you know you should watch yourself. With the religion, you are told to let your guard down. As far as I was concerned, this was so that you would be an easier target for all the deadbeats and moochers. Now it must be worse than ever with the economy. All the desperados are going to target anybody who is still employed. When I was there I was targeted because I am a single working woman and I said "no way". I was constantly fending off users. Even if I bought the religion's teachings, it would be impossible to continue there and tolerate these attitudes. When I heard people spouting garbage about the so-called "blessings", I said to myself that they could shove their blessings you-know-where. The whole thing is about pure exploitation and emotional abuse!

  • Thetis

    I sure miss those days in WTW- working with brother "psychotic" who jammed his foot in the door - spittle flying as he spoke about the harlot and Babylon the Great and you are only 6 years old. Or how about seeing the sadness of the elderly couple whose only son has been disfellowshipped and you hear the whispers of the adults about them being spiritually weak as they haven't cut ties with him ..

    Then you see the bowed head of the grandfather who took blood to save his life.....and you know something is wrong but you are too young too understand and you should be happy because you are constantly told how happy Jehovah's people are....so there is clearly something wrong with you...

    Roll on the teenage years - the Elder who lords over you and subjects you to humiliation - don't get me started on brother "amoeba brain" who calls on you to do a shepherding call and pats himself on the back for shepherding the flock with love when all he has done is read from an outline... he doesn't know how fragile your state of mind is....and then discusses your son's red tie which is way too bright....heaven forbid such an indiscretion.....sure miss those days...

    To quote Aristotle:-"would you rather be a happy pig or an unhappy human"" - and yes there are times when I drown in despair (because of the residue left by them) but I would rather be a very conscious human....

    So, grief in WTW would be 98%. I'm sorry about your parents. Still cannot understand my Dad - he was intelligent but way too sensitive and wanted a better life....the irony of it all. He died a broken man.... sorry about the rant.....

    And Shamus, please write that book.....

  • talesin

    JW world caused me grief for the usual reasons,,, but most of my problems in life are because of my screwed up family, and things that are not related to the JWs. The shunning part, yes, but the abuse issues had nothing to do with the Tower.

    The Outside World has been rough at times,,, but that's just life,,, for the most part, I have found achievement, love and led a pretty interesting life as a 'worldly person'.

    No regrets here.


  • shamus100

    What would I call the book? JW's, The Social Rejects?

    How about: JW's, A Thousand Stories Of Madness.

  • Thetis

    Love it! - A thousand stories of Madness


    How to become psychotic, neurotic, depressed or uneducated....chuckle..

  • shamus100

    Oddly enough, it would sell. The problem is only ex-jws would read it. A very small group. :(

    Perhaps a reality cooking show is the way to go. I could be Swedish, scream at new cooks when they screw up, and make them go through the most caustic environment imagineable to get a $250,000.00 reward. I'll go pitch it to the networks right now. :D Million dollar idea baby! :D :D :D

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