..Which has Caused You the Most Grief in Your Life..The Outside World or Watchtower World?..

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  • LV101

    outlaw -- so sorry about all the divorces especially your own parents. i think many business people join churches for contacts and ya can't blame your mom for appreciating the value of a dollar. bad luck to pick that cult! i don't think anyone realized what they were signing up for yrs. back when bombarded with all the fantasies but sounds like they had some really intelligent members like your dad at one time. dealing w/harsh reality in the world (la la land in comparison to serving time w/watchtower) gives evil cults unbelievable recruiting power.

    glad you're out and free -- stay well. another bummer in life when disease hits a family member, believe me.

  • Hiding Questioner
    Hiding Questioner

    That's an easy question to answer...the Watchtower World

    ..it distroyed a happy marriage.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I adore the outside world. The world with lovers and friends, Beatles, ballet, opera, The WHO, college, law school.

    I was born-in and always hated it. For a very short period, I wanted to be so good so maybe I might be loved. I was very frightened of losing the love of my extended family who were a buffer against abuse. They adored me when I did Witness stuff. It is hard to explain to people how parents could be against education. My father was a Bethelite so I always heard personal stories that conflicted with KH tales.

    If they are correct about Armageddon, please let me die with the world.

  • Botzwana

    Let me see....Let us see how it comes to love...

    Had cancer in 97. Two witnesses and only two took me out to dinner. I even attended meetings while getting chemo. Worldly people did more. More phone calls etc.

    The issue of money...Worldly people stole...my wallet $8.00 once. Drug dealer stole $40 once. Broke my window in my car. $100. Stole my television in Mexico $300.

    Witnesses stole $35,000....Sister is STILL in good standing and Elders are not doing anything about it.

    I would say I prefer the worldly life. Less stolen and more love.

  • discreetslave

    Watchtower World Pros : Loving Husband, Wonderful Children, some good conditional friendships

    Watchtower World Cons: low self-esteem, guilt over everything, loss of positivity, depresion, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, resentment, jealousy, paxil, ritalin, adderall, vyvanse, abilify, lamictal, risperdal, cymbalta, contractor br's ripping us off, debt due to rip off, lack of decent health insurance, debt due to poor health insurance, risked bleeding out during surgery, weight gain, sexual frustration, didn't look forward to the next day, never lived in the present, no college, loss of ambition, boring meetings, cognitive dissonance,false Christianity, lack of true spirituality,shunning of good friends,shutting down my children's potential, possibility of losing loving husband & wonderful children...

    Outside World Pros: Loving husband, wonderful children, no in laws, guilt free sex, no meds, working on paying off debt, ambition, thinking of college & a career, finding shunned friends, finding new friends, positivity, weight loss, waking up looking forward to each day, share my beliefs how I see fit, living & enjoying the present, any movie I want, whatever music I want, weeding out negative people from my life, true Christianity & spirituality, giving my children a chance to pursue their dreams,HAPPINESS...

    Outside World Cons: Watchtower still exists

  • WTWizard

    The witlesses take a bad situation and make it even worse, exploiting it for their purposes. Added to the regular pressures and deprivations, there was hounding to pio-sneer, endless rules that kept changing depending on which hounders were in charge, and the stress of having endless boasting sessions. You had additional stress about holidays--everything that was supposed to be fun was banned. That was on top of the problems I got from the world itself.

  • sizemik

    In my 26 years in WT world, 12 of my friends committed suicide and I ended up mentally ill.

    After 8 years in the real world, I've been cured, and all my new friends have stayed alive.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Good grief sizemik!..12 of your friends....I just can't comprehend how you must have felt.

  • designs

    sizemik- Like st said that's a shocking number, we were terribly untrained as Elders to deal with people in crisis and the Society would not let us recommend Mental Health professionals so people were left to go it alone.

  • sizemik

    Some were friends I'd made and had since moved away from (I served in 8 different congregations). Some I kept in contact with, others I didn't . . . but they were all friends at one time. One was easily my best friend until he moved. The last was a 17 yr old whom I studied with. He was in the sights of a partcularly nasty PO and his wife . . . and for some reason I couldn't prevent it. Though I didn't realise it then . . . that's when I began to fall ill . . . and leave.

    Thanks for your kind words.

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