Telling a Depressed Person It's Demons!

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  • talesin

    I've told this tale before, but another cautionary tale, about how anyone who is depressed needs gentle support and professional help.

    One of my friends hung himself. He was a pioneer TM , 17, gay, and a cross-dresser (closeted, of course). His mother was a rabid JW, father abandoned them when he was an infant.

    In 1975, the gay culture was not what it is today. It was far, far underground, by necessity. Even now, that particular city is still known for its closed-mindedness. He truly had nowhere to turn.

    Mark left a note. He was hopeless ... he felt he would lose everything. I don't know if a belief in demonization because of his orientation played into it; maybe, it was the 70s. Someone found him several days after he did the deed. RIP sweet man

    I didn't even know he was gay, he was so far in the closet; we were pioneering TM together.

    Yes, the Watchtower killed him.

    Shortly thereafter, I left the KH, never to return.

    Neither you nor I can determine how close to the edge a depressed person may be. That I can tell you from my professional training as a rape crisis line intervenor. So, yes, telling a depressed JW that they are demonized is a very dangerous thing to do.


  • talesin


    It is that person's choice to suicide. It's no one else's fault for unintentionally saying the wrong thing.

    BUT, if you say what needs to be heard, you may save a life.



  • NewChapter

    Talesin, that's another very sad story. And considering your profession, you must hear them everyday.

    It is that person's choice to suicide. It's no one else's fault for unintentionally saying the wrong thing

    I agree---if it is said in ignorance. That's why we must take a strong stand and EDUCATE. Even if you believe that demons cause depression, and I won't be able to convince you otherwise, there are proper times for all discussion. Isn't that in proverbs?



    Depressed JW`s need to Do More for the WBT$..

    Then your Brains won`t Hurt so much!..

    ............................ ...OUTLAW

  • AuntBee

    "when someone is suffering it is time to reach out and offer help since who knows when the roles might be reversed."

    Nugget: That is really profound. I'm going to put it in my list of quotes i like!

  • MrDarkKnight

    The lack of concern and understanding about depession among the JWs, especially the leadership, is sad. I suffer from bipolar depression. I have been seeing a psychiatrist and therapist for 8 years. I was out in field service with the CO who asked me about my depression and if I was taking medication. He then said, "its a good thing you have your fellow elders to talk to. Some of the friends waste money talking to therapists." This man had no clue I was one of those people "wasting money talking to therapists." His attitude was just another straw on the camels back.

    I was removed as an elder after a bipolar episode nearly cost me my life. No one met with me or comforted me after the episode. But when the CO visit came they recommended my removal because I lacked "soundness of mind." I will never forget those words or the men that said them. One more straw on the camels back.

    I later got an apology in writing from the Branch Office (yes they do apologize sometimes) for the manner in which I was removed, but by then it was too late. I was mentally done with the JWs. The camels back was broken.

  • designs

    You know Dark sometimes a gift comes in strange packages, glad you got out.

  • talesin

    because I lacked "soundness of mind."

    DIS-gusting!!! Ignorance and abuse go hand in hand.

    What designs said, Dark Knight ....

  • talesin

    NC,, I concur.


    * who has just satisfied her $10 word requirement for the day :D *

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This kind of crap DRIVES ME WILD!

    Yeah, it's amazing all the little invisible demons transmitting everything I type on my magical iPostatePad over the Internet to all you folks out there. Those demons are amazing!

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