Should conscientious objectors to gay marriage be allowed?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'm with WTWizard.

    Do the job you're hired to do or get out.

  • rebel8

    NYS law, "duties of town clerks":

    He shall file all certificates or oaths and other papers required by law to be filed in his office...
    The town clerk shall have such additional powers and perform such additional duties as are or hereafter may be conferred
    or imposed upon him by law
    , and such further duties as the town board may determine, not inconsistent with law.
    Sworn oath for town clerks prior to taking office:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States,
    and the constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfully discharge the
    duties of the office of Town Clerk
  • rebel8

    I again denounce gay marriage and straight marriage and strongly feel that both should be immediately and permanently banned.

    I don't think it should be banned but one should not have to apply to the government for a license and certificate in order to get married. It's none of the government's business. Conservatives should be against it because it's governmental interference in our personal lives, with no benefits.

    But as long as it is, it should be done in a manner consistent with civil rights.

  • Quendi

    When I worked for the city of Boulder, Colorado's public library, the library decided to sponsor a food drive during the Christmas holiday season. All library employees were told they had to wear badges with the "Merry Christmas!" greeting on it. I mentioned my opposition to doing so to my supervisor on the ground that it conflicted with my religious beliefs at the time. However, I also made clear that I would cooperate fully with the food drive and assist any patrons with the food they wished to donate. My superiors were grateful for my desire to have a part in this charity work and allowed me to take off the badge.

    The situation this clerk faced was entirely different. She was expressing a desire to refuse to recognize the right of people to enter into same-sex marriage despite a state statute which expressly granted that right. She must uphold state law regardless of her personal feelings on it. She must not be allowed to excuse herself from carrying out state law unless this would do her physical harm. Issuing licenses does nothing of the kind. She was right to leave the job since she felt her conscience was being violated; but if she had asked for a release from doing any part of her duty, she should have been dismissed immediately.


  • shepherd

    "This sounds like they changed the job description in the middle of the game."

    I don't think the job changed. Her job was to sign certificates and it's still that. She was not taken on being able to pick and choose who to issue a certificate to, so nothing has changed in her job description.

    This person has the right to refuse to do it. The employer has the right to dismiss her if she does.

  • Snoozy

    I knew a Brother (witness) that worked at a gas station/garage. When he first started working there they didn't carry cigarettes. Eventually they started to sell cigarettes. The "Brother" was told it was part of his job now. The Brother said in all good conscience he couldn't sell something that would cause a person's death and gave his resignation and quit. A few Brothers didn't agree with his views.
    He and his family (wife and daughter) had to pack up and move back home to Arkansas to live with his parents till he could get another job.

    He and his wife ended up cleaning offices and homes.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but when you work for someone else you have to do it their way or find another job that agrees with your beliefs..



  • JeffT

    I do not get what this flap is about. The conditions of her job changed to something that did not suit her so she quit. That's her right.

    Or are some of you in favor of forcing people to do jobs they don't want to do?

  • Berengaria
    but one should not have to apply to the government for a license and certificate in order to get married.

    I must disagree. If this were just about love and roses, it would be different. But when it comes to property and medical decisions, there have to be laws. That brings in the government. It's a contract with, in many cases, huge amounts of property and other issues.

    As for the woman who quit, she was probably full of crap. But there has to be a way to protect those who truly feel that their spiritual standing is jeopardized by being part of..........whatever. And ultimately, this is not a private company, this is government. Totally different set of rules.

  • Lore
    So should our employee (government employee paid by our tax $) be allowed to do this if it truly is against her beliefs?

    She stepped down because she felt morally unable to complete her duties. . . how do we NOT allow someone to step down? The question is silly, of course she's allowed she's not a slave, she can quit her job.

    We couldn't force her to work even if we wanted too. . . and why would we? Getting bigots OUT of the system is a good thing.

  • Lore
    It's none of her business to discriminate against anyone. It may be what she believes, but she has no right to impose her beliefs on others, causing them inconvenience in processing a rightful, legal transaction.

    I agree, and I believe she would agree with you as well. . . which is why she stepped down.

    I do not get what this flap is about. The conditions of her job changed to something that did not suit her so she quit. That's her right.


    It really is just that simple

    Even if she originally agreed to issue marriage liscenses to homosexuals when she first took the job, (although she didn't) that doesn't meen she's not allowed to change her mind later on. She could become part of some religion that hates gays AFTER taking the job. Are we supposed to force her to keep working?

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