Opinion-Is This Clear Evidence that Jehovah's Holy Spirit is with The Watchtower?

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Casey Anthony and O.J. Simpson (to name just two) must have had Holy Spirit!

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Evidence that JWs do not have Jehovah's Holy Spirit..........................JW's have lowest retention rate and JW marriages are falling apart.

  • silver rhino
    silver rhino

    if JW's truly had Jehovah's spirit behind them, don't you think that proof would be in the preaching work more so than in constitution manipulated court cases? Case in point: Why would God's organization have to join hands with Satan's organization, The UN, in order to further the all important, commanded by God, preaching work in these "closed" countries?

  • sizemik
    no other organization has won more Supreme Court cases than Jehovah's Witnesses to protect their religious freedom in North America and abroad is unrefutable evidence of Jehovah's blessing

    Yeah right . . . some court cases that allow the WTS to send their followers and their children to an early grave with their ever-changing and mis-guided blood policy . . . wot a blessing from God! . . . all these dead people! Wot religious freedom! . . . How can anyone refute that!

    That's just crazy fundamentalist clap trap . . . clear evidence of it.

  • ProdigalSon

    When you push the envelope of religion and instead become a cult, you're going to be raising a lot of challenges to the status quo. It takes Supreme Court decisions sometimes to establish what is religious freedom and what is flat out illegal. So.....

    ....there are two ways you can look at this.....

    A. The decisions were necessary because JW ideologies are so wacked out (i.e., saluting a flag is punishable by everlasting destruction)... or...

    B. Jehovah is Satan, and since Satan is the God of this world, he really is backing them!

  • the-illuminator81

    Such typical witness rhetoric.. find a million things wrong with the borg, come up with some arbitrary criterium for the 'one true religion' and then stop all other thought with it. Right up there with the "but who else would we go to" dead end.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    This makes absolutely no sense. It's like saying, " Gee, Google is doing really great! Surely this is evidence of holy spirit!"

    It drives me nuts when I hear," But what about the preaching work being done in all these lands and languages? That's Jehovah blessing the work!"

    Well how about McDonald's? Look at all the different nations and languages they operate in. They're even all over China! And they PAY their people for the work they do.

  • thetrueone

    You might want to make mention of the court cases the WTS. recently lost regarding the child molestation suits in California.

    Or the court cases the WTS. recently lost regarding the forced implication of doctors to give a blood transfusion to an under aged JW minor.

    Are those signs of god's holy spirit ?

    The JWs are quite selective when giving supporting information about themselves and their organization, this comes impart

    mostly through indoctrination and personal self identity.

    The WTS. was made up and is made up of commercialized inspired lies, does that denote special identification of a god's holy spirit.

    This may make the prospering and proliferation of a publishing house to work, but that should be irrelevant at least to honest people.

    I personally don't think god would choose false prophesying religious charlatans as his specially chosen earthly organization.

  • simon17

    The above posts show the clear logical fallacy in this argument.

    To add to that, suppose the JW's had a very poor record in the Supreme Court and faced difficulty in excercising rights in the USA. What would a JW say then? "Clear evidence of the persecution that Jesus foretold his followers would have to face, giving clear evidence they are God's true organziation."

    In short, EVERYTHING gives evidence to what the JW wants to believe. Ex:

    * Terrorist attacks or economic turmoil? The predicted terrors of the "Last Days". Clear evidence the end is close.

    * Nations make progress to end a war or terror organization, etc? The predicted Peace and Security seems just around the corner. Clear evidence the end is close.

    * Christendom changes their policy on something? Clear evidence they are in spiritual darkness and blind guides for the masses.

    * JW's changes their policy on something? Clear evidence they are JW's pure organization with which he lets the light get brighter.

    * Christendom's #'s increase? Many will go through the wide and spacious road to destruction. Clear evidence they are not God's approved organization.

    * Christendom's #s decrease? Clear evidence that they provide a spiritual wasteland that is losing power over its peoples.

    * JW's activity #s increase/decrease? Same arguments reversed. God is brining many to his pure organization / persecution gives evidence of God's approval.

    So... its a stacked deck with these arguments. Everything points to the same thing

  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    LOL @ Simon 17! How true!

    As far as the JW's loosing court battles, even if they end up winning in the long run, want to know the creative explanation I was given for it?
    I'm going to say it anyway. (Barf alert)

    Drum roll please

    The reason the JWs loose court cases at times is because Jehovah is reminding the brothers/lawyers to have humility because winning is not in their power or abilities but rather from him.

    WTH!!! Yes, that's what I was told! (Sorry, I'm posting from my phone and don't have the WTH emoticon face.)

    Yes folks, that explanation is proof positive the JWs have Jehovah's spirit, or do they? LOL


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