Opinion-Is This Clear Evidence that Jehovah's Holy Spirit is with The Watchtower?

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  • DavinciCodeBreaker

    I was having a discussion with an aquaintance about if there was evidence that The Watchtower has Jehovah's Holy Spirit. He said, "given the fact that no other organization has won more Supreme Court cases than Jehovah's Witnesses to protect their religious freedom in North America and abroad is unrefutable evidence of Jehovah's blessing by means of his Holy Spirit".

    Your thoughts?

  • sd-7

    You are aware that the Watchtower Society has these people called 'lawyers', right? Doesn't that factor in?

    I mean, if holy spirit didn't help Paul when he appealed to Caesar, why would it help these folks win court cases? That doesn't prove anything any more than the Packers' Super Bowl victory proves they have God's spirit.



    Jehovah needs a Lawyer?..

    The day your God needs a Lawyer,you should Fire him..


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  • DavinciCodeBreaker

    During the conversation I was able to give him numerous examples as to why God's Holy Spirit was NOT with the organization, even citing biblical examples of when God removed his Holy Spirit from his chosen people. That there are conditions to recieve his blessings and it is not automatic. He still clung onto these court victories as overwhelming evidence. I said "overwhelming...really?" I disagreed with him and I am searching the collective intelligence of this forum for some suggestions on refuting his claim.

  • sd-7

    Doesn't Galatians 5:22, 23 or something talk about the fruitage of the spirit? Do you see 'court victories' in that list? I don't.

    Other groups, probably some of them religious, have no doubt won court victories too. Does that prove they have God's spirit? If they won or if they lost, it really doesn't prove or disprove anything. It just is. (As I hear it told, some JWs intentionally created legal problems for the sake of gaining public attention when they really didn't have to. But since that's hearsay, it's not a suitable argument.)

    Think about the reasoning here. If the JWs lost those court cases, it'd be a case of satanic persecution. Yet if they win, God's spirit is with them. When you've already drawn the conclusion that God is with you anyway, there's no amount of reasoning that will change your mind.


  • james_woods
    He said, "given the fact that no other organization has won more Supreme Court cases than Jehovah's Witnesses to protect their religious freedom in North America and abroad is unrefutable evidence of Jehovah's blessing by means of his Holy Spirit".

    Then why have they not been legalized everywhere in the world?


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  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    I agree with sd-7. There have been entire countries that have been founded to overcome religious persecution. Many other religious groups face imprisonment, torture and government interference. Or they face persecution from neighboring religions. But none of that matters to the average, tunnel-vision JW. It's "us vs. them". And that's that.

    Just look how they respond to natural disasters. When they see horrific events happen, they aren't really moved by the suffering by everyday people. But when a letter is read that a KH was destroyed or a couple of sisters died, the whole congregation is moaning with grief.

    so to answer the original question of this thread, no. That is NOT evidence of Jehovah's spirit. One has to consider the broader picture overall of all people and groups who face these problems. That's like saying the Cowboys Dynasty in the 90's is evidence of God blessing Jerry Jones. If your a diehard Cowboys fan, you may put some stock in that, but if your a rational person (even if you're a rational Cowboys fan) you know better.

  • fade_away

    They'll hang on to anything they have accomplished to say they have God's blessing. We had the most baptisms in such and such year, we do the most house to house work (not true), we are the most persecuted (not true), we have won the most court cases thanks to the HOLY SPIRIT!!!...... and the lawyers and laws of this country.

  • cantleave

    Those court victories help all religious and minority groups not just JW's. But they are one's who spend the money on the cases. Who would you rather be - The group that doesn't spend the money but benefits from the decision or the sucker that pays the bill?

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