Can't sleep... Feel so alone!

by Free!! 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • jamiebowers

    Sending you a pm.

  • Free!!

    Thanks to everyone!! i got some PMs and it feels great to be able to connect with people who understand exactly how i am feeling... believe me, i read every post and i am trying my best... i am still in the middle of deciding if i do believe in God or not... i want to... but i don't know yet... but what i do believe is that i am getting to know some great people here!! thank u soo much!! i am still feeling down today, but when i sat in my bed read your emails, i almost cry of joy! thanks!!

  • talesin

    Thanks, Free!!

    I've been sitting here trying to 'fix' my pc for 6 hours .... finally figured out it's a hardware problem.

    I was feeling really upset, new pc,,, all the money I spent on this, and now I have to get it fixed!


    reading your post just made my heart sing!

    you're gonna be okay, and you know it. we have a great bunch here ...

    and that made my night ..

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