Can't sleep... Feel so alone!

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  • Free!!

    Sorry, i am just feeling alone and needed to vent....

    I hate the fact that i allow JWs to control me for so long and now i have no friends! i mean, i do have a few, but at moments like this when my head is spinning like a thousand miles per hour, there is noone i can call and trust and talk to.... my friends all have their lives, and the few that i can call, i am afraid to do so... again, i know i said this before, but JW ruined my social skills...

    I want to scream!!!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hi. How long have you been out?

  • Free!!

    almost 2 years... but i am dork!! they made me like that :(

  • EmptyInside

    I'm sorry to hear that. But,I've been there too,and still feel that way at times. You're not alone here. It takes time to make up for all that was lost.

    Hang in there,tomorrow can be a brighter day.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I know how you feel. I've let JWs control every bit of my life for so long. I have no social skills either, being a JW who was tought to be afraid of everyone...and only one real friend (my boyfriend, the only non-JW I associate with).

    *sad sigh*

  • Free!!

    The worst part is that i put this barrier and cant let people in.... one of my wordly friends told me that... i thought he didnt notice but he told me straight and clear, "why dont you let me in?" i did not know what to say... is super hard... and the worst part is that i am letting go of great people because i am so afraid of getting hurt (all the worldly ones are bad mentality)..... i dont even have a boyfriend to rely on... so i feel even MORE alone :(

  • Dudu

    Well, I am still in,,, or so :S lol im not D'ed or D'a but im on my way out... i hope you can find, first, inner peace, and then, renew your social skills, BTW were you raised as JW or you did it after adult?

  • FlyingHighNow

    You're not a dork. You just need to find the real, very cool, very hip, independent former you. She's till in there you know.

  • allelsefails

    It is hard to feel an internet site makes you not alone. But here we are. all different - all the same.

  • Free!!

    I knew i could post here and at least get some support, i am literally to the point of tears right now...

    @Dudu i converted as a teen, i was going thru a really hard time and i had to move w my grandma who is a JW, i was so thankful to her that i started studying and felt trapped... i was to deep into the mud when i woke up... i think i was 17 when i started studying...

    I wish i could fast forward thru all of this and finally feel like i belong.. that's my problem i dont feel like i belong anywhere...

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