Anniversary of my mums death....the JW robbed me of time with her and I cant forgive them.

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  • Nobleheart

    Sorry to hear that Paula.

    Your great love for your mum is clear and I'm sure she wouldn't want you to keep guilting yourself over this.

    I hope you're feeling better. I send you a hug.

  • factfinder

    Paula- I feel so sorry for you. I fully understand your anger towards the cult that robbed you of your last, precious moments with your mom. The jw cult made me lose time with my mom too, and it caused hurt feelings and misunderstandings between us. The wt makes you feel you are obeying and pleasing God by obeying them, and we wanted to please God.

    I feel so bad for you. I miss my Mom & Dad very much too.

    Do what you need to do, feel what you need to feel, to deal with what happened. But don't hate yourself. It is not your fault.

    I'm glad your husband is coming home to be with you.

    I send hugs too.

  • creativespirit


    I totally relate to your feelings.

    I went through same with my grandmother(nonJW)....she was so loving and dear....took care of me all of my life.... She had all the family for holiday dinners and as she aged that was all she could do financially, and all that she had energy for....

    After I married my ex-Bethelite/pioneer/servant husband (no longer married to him) he never would allow me to visit her, rejected all of her invitations.... He had no clue and no understanding at all. I hardly saw her at all in her last years, and when she died I could not stop crying enough even to attend her funeral. I still wear her wedding ring.

    I was angry for a very long time....but then you realize there is nothing you can do to change anything, and you must go on.

    The best thing you can do is testify to the wonderful woman your mother was. Be the person she would want you to be. Hating them does nothing to them and only damages you.

    I feel for you.


  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Thanks again for your support and kindness to me. Sharing your stories and experiences has been an eye opener for me.x I must move forward.

    I feel better today apart from a sore head which was totally my own fault.

    For those of you who were also robbed of time from your family, Im sending you loving thoughts. Lets all move on together. Im aiming for a better day today and will get back in the saddle. THANKS ALL xxxxx

  • nugget

    Paula I am sorry this is not your fault and if your mum had thought that this event would shock you to your senses she would have made the sacrifice willingly I am sure. You cannot take your actions back and undo what was done but remember that you were asleep and controlled by an organisation that has had decades of practice.

    Your Mum's genes are going strong as you broke free and reclaimed yourself. Live the life she would have wished that is the best memorial to a feisty lady. Don't live life in regret she would not have wanted that. Celebrate the freedom you have and remember her with balloons and joy and living with spirit since everytime you do it is one for you mum and a finger in the air to the society.

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