Anyone wanna place a bet on what will happen to me when I have to go to the Kingdom Hall this Saturday??

by Coffee House Girl 49 Replies latest jw friends

  • talesin

    this is just so wrong ((((CHG))))

    what Free!! said .. *sigh* , but like Rocky said,,, you'll only have to deal with B,,,

    We'll all be there with you!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I'll be pissstt off with them if they don't go with the love bombing.

    (((((CHG))))) .... and pass that on to your brother too.


  • AGuest

    (b), dear CHG (peace to you and sincere condolences on your loss!)... followed by (c) within, say, 2-3 weeks ('cause they'll realize (b) didn't work).

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Spectre

    Sorry to hear that CHG. I'm betting a little of all of the above. Do you have what you will say if they say they want to meet with you?

  • ssn587

    "B" they will try and love bomb you even though they don't give a s**t about you unless of course it is to try and get you back in their prison.

  • smiddy

    I`ll take a trifecta" b" first followed by" c" then coming in third will be" a" (omit the nothing)

    I`ll stake the elders life on it


  • smiddy


    Sorry for your loss ......jw`s have no sensitivity at funerals, they just see it as another avenue to preach their poison


  • Hortensia

    Why go? If he didn't want a JW funeral, why are they doing it? Is it for your mother or other family members?

    Being of the stubborn mindset, I wouldn't go.

    But you have to make the call - you know the situation more than we do here.

    Whatever you do, I'm on your side.

  • dogisgod

    I wouldn't go. I'd set up a celebration of his life for those who loved house and don't invite the JWs.

  • partydelights

    Just beware of hidden agenda, since they're willing to hold his funeral (he being inactive for long enough period).

    JW elders are cold-hearted people. All they concerned is their approval from WT (challening from the branch and CO).

    My personal suggestion: Go to the funeral. But refuse to talk to anyone accept on funeral matter. When an E tries to talk to you, put on a "dead face", as if you hear nothing. (This is how they treat DF.) If it persists with unwanted comments, take your leave. Reason: Avoid another heart-ranting session that will cause heart pain that last for weeks after the funeral.

    Sorry for your loss. Show your final respect for you dad, but not for the Elders.

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