Anyone wanna place a bet on what will happen to me when I have to go to the Kingdom Hall this Saturday??

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  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    Well since there is no "betting" (as it reeks of gambling) in jdub land, lets place a friendly wager on what will happen to me when I go to my father's "memorial" service at the Kingdome Hall this Saturday....

    to give you newbies background info: I am neither DF'd or DA'd- I left 2 years ago with no explanation. I have been hounded by elders in my cong because they have suspicions that I am living with a man, but they have no proof (well, no proof in jdub land- you know...two witness rule). After many attempts to get me to meet with them- I finally sent the elders a "cease & desist" letter after one of them spied in my miniblinds to see me eating breakfast with someone (they couldn't identify who). I have moved away to avoid their mettling. But alas...

    My dad died last monday & despite plans made before he passed...they are having a jdub funeral for him (he was inactive, hadn't been to a meeting in years, and was smoking the day he died- he wasn't a believer)

    So the bet is....what will happen to me when I show my face in that Kingdom Hall?????

    a) nothing- the flesh melts off the JWs who look at me because I am evil

    b) love bombing- they are exuberant thinking they can lull me back with fake niceness after two years of shunning

    c) attack by elders to arrange a judicial committee to kick my ass out once and for all- at last they think they can win this one!!

    since I am in a bad mood...I will place the first bet- I bet one that (c) is what will transpire Saturday

    anyone wanna weigh in???


  • MrFreeze

    I think they will love bomb you. They did that to me when I attended a memorial service for a friends father.

  • GLTirebiter

    I'd like to think it would be (d)--mind their manners out of respect for the bereaved. But my own limited experience at JW funerals tells me to slake by thirst by saying (b)--love bombing.

  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I see I may have to run out a buy a case of just in case....

    Love bombing is okay, I can laugh about it later over a few


  • Rocky_Girl

    I'm betting B. They hope all of the warm christian fellowship will lead you to start back to meetings so they can proceed with C as further proof of their love for you. Then, if you are a masochist, A will be the next phase until you have repented of all your evil.

    Fortunately, you will only have to deal with B :).

    My deepest condolences on your loss. You are in my thoughts.

  • NewChapter

    My bet in love bombing. Like Rocky said--they will think by showing you how wonderful they are and what you are missing, you'll be motivated to "get right with Jehovah". Remember ministry school? Death offers an opportunity to open people's hearts!

    I'm so glad you and your brother had a dignified memorial by the campfire. Just think about that.


  • Free!!

    first, i am sorry about your loss..... cannot even imaging how hard it is....

    Second, can i please place 2 bets? i say B and C, you'll see some of the JWs are going to love bomb you, while other (elders) are going to "lovingly" tell you they would like to have a meeting with you... either case.. the can Fck themselves.... is your time for grieving and no one should try to take that moment (saying Goodbye to your dad) to try to beat you into falling for a cult... js

  • Retrovirus

    As a non-jw, I'll disqualify myself and just have a for you!

    My deepest sympathies on the loss of your father, and kudos for going to the KH with your mother!

  • Queequeg

    B is what "should" happen. But, don't be surprised if weirdness happens...

  • shamus100


    You poor thing.

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