OMG shunning story

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  • mouthy

    How sad....Yes my daughter is 65,me 84 Mustnt speak to me either
    I have a new Great grand son,a Granddaughter ( the mother) also ( silent treatment)
    Talk about dividing family's I wonder how many they have done this too?
    I only hope when I" kick the bucket" she will never regret it.
    So really she must stay with the cult to feel it is JAH's will.

  • HappyDad

    It's a sick religion! In 1993 when my daughter was getting married to a "who within a year...became a useless JW opportunist".......there were some ultra righteous Jezebels in the KH we attended who said they and their families would not come to the reception if my DF'D mother was coming. This ignorant gossip went around the entire KH and many were going to boycott it. I told my mother that it would not be good if she came. So none of my non JW family attended.

    For me and what I learned later from my daughter and my wife.......they were really pissed off at the a..holes from the KH who kind of spoiled the wedding.

    Today I am thankful that my daughter and the a..hole she married are now divorced for a number of years and even more thankful that daughter and I have been out of this idiotic religion for over ten years.

    By the old KH was the West Mifflin, PA KH. (this is for any lurkers from my area who might be taking a peak) lol

    HappyDad (Bill)

  • DesirousOfChange

    I remember serveral years ago I told a CO about how a PO abuse me as a child.

    After giving him the dirt of the story all he could tell me was It would make me a better man.

    Gosh, then we should just sexually abuse all boys and they wouldn't have to jon the Marines to become good men.

    What a dumbass! Such abuse can cause psychological damage for the rest of that young person's life.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I don't know about anyone else but I just wouldn't go if I was asked by some pimple-faced attendant kid. A simple, "No, I'm staying. I'm family," would be my response. If a family member asked me to leave personally my response would depend on who it was and how they did it.

  • sizemik

    It's not just stealing something from people . . .

    They take things away that only come along once in a lifetime . . . how can they ever pay that back?

    If a God of Justice is out there somewhere . . . they've gotta be in some trouble.

  • rebel8

    I was shunned at my jw sister's wedding too. In fact I was asked to be in the wedding party, then the elders said I had to come to a jc because a hateful gossip in the kh said she saw me smoking in a truck with a bearded man. I had informed them 5 yrs prior I'd never come back to the religion--I was not a member. I said heck no, I do not smoke, I was not in a vehicle by that description, I wasn't with anyone with a beard, and hello--I am not a member so it's none of their business anyway!

    I thought that was the end of it until I saw the bridesmaids' gowns in my mom's house. She said they had been shopping to buy their gowns together, without me! Meanwhile they "let" me make the cake topper and get the bride's gown. They said I could wear the same color as the bridesmaids and be escorted down the aisle, just not sit up on the stage. The elders said I would be a bad example if I was sitting up on the platform with my smoking, unchaperoning, beard-befriending hussy self!

    Oooookkkaaaaaaay. So then I waited to be escorted and no one escorted me! I walked myself down the aisle and sat down.

    Then they shunned me at the reception & after the ceremony. I mean these ppl have a lot of nerve. My family was hosting the party and they wouldn't talk to the hosts! (They did the same at the shower I gave.) A-holes! They need etiquette lessons.

    She accepted all the help but wouldn't allow him to be in the pictures.

    Wow, that is so disgusting of her. Did she skip the day in kindergarten when they taught manners?!

    Accepting food from a DF guy is a lot closer to breaking the wts rule about "not even eating with such a man" than standing in a photo and facing forward with him.

    What would happen if he was in the pictures? Are DF people invisible on film like vampires, or is it just the demonized apostates?

  • cantleave

    It is bullying of the worst sort.

    I hate this cult.

  • NomadSoul

    It's like a country club.

  • shepherd

    My son got married and I was told I could attend the wedding if I came in after it started and sat at the back and left as it finished. The reception was banned for me. Since this was something he agreed with, and his overbearing wife, I decided I would not bother to attend and be insulted in this way. I will never forget how a few days later they asked to meet with me outside a cafe to get their wedding gifts - they sat for a couple of minutes and declined food and drink, in line with how they understood scripture, but had no problem accepting the gifts.....

  • talesin

    We are cast aside without a care on their part and yet expected to NOT FEEL

    You said it, Athena!

    Eventually, I just shut off my feelings. The last straw was when I went to visit my dad in the hospital (heart attack, and I was there several times every day). I came in one afternoon and my 'nephew' and his wife were sitting there ---- they LITERALLY turned their backs on me --- I didn't react, as dad was so sick, I just left ,,, but how heartless! I could never treat ANYONE that way, truly!

    HappyDad,,, nice to read you, and glad to hear daughter is doing well! I think of her from time to time since we lost touch.


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