Abusive Families Drawn Like Moths to a Flame or Does WTS Help Develop Abusive Attitude?

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  • talesin

    Pedophiles go to places where they know they can find 'easy' victims. The KH is a great place to find children ripe for molestation .... they are trained to accept authority, afraid/ignorant of sex, and the rapist/molester has little chance of being found out or prosecuted ... If someone in the bOrg has these sick tendencies, it is soooo easy fo them to find a victim,,, and have no culpability ... reminds me VERY MUCH of the Catholic system with the priests ... ignore it, transfer the offender,,, problem solved! (at least, from a publishing-company standpoint).

    And yes, folks with problems are more easily drawn into the JWs (love-bombing, hope for the future, etc.),,, so it makes sense, nu?


  • talesin

    Also, CHILDREN are not valued in the JW world,,, they are only tools to be used for J*hovers purposes ,... so of course, they are more vulnerable than "worldly children", as they do not TRUST anyone who is not JW.

    Pedophile Paradise ==== WTBTS


  • Searchn4answrs

    It attracts such low functioning people. Typically, in the real world a man of high position would need to be educated, to some degree. However, in this organization uneducated, ignorant, impoverished men hold positions of power. They can easily become abusive. I’m certain their clueless, on family dynamics, diversity and basic child development…

  • clarity

    I agree with you OTWO but would like to add ...mental abuse.

    your average Lutheran/Methodist/Episcopalian doesn't send kids out with Brother Weirdo door-to-door nor strongly encourage the isolationism that JW's are nurturing

    The average Lutheran/Methodist/Episcopalian also doesn't force the noses of their people into magazines and books with twisted ideas while controlling and limiting the reading of literature that they didn't write!

    "The ONLY way to live forever is following the watchtower"!

    Even more mind bending is "even if we are wrong, follow us"!!!!!

    The MESSAGE of the watchtower is so crazy making that it takes years to get it out of our heads!

    All you have to do is mention one of their songs and 1/2 a dozen dubs blog in to say "thanks a lot, now it'll be playing in my head all day"!

    clarity ... of the still a bit nutty after all these years class

  • sabastious

    The meetings are not for kids plain and simple. I want to bloody the nose of anyone who refers to the Watchtower as the "best education" on earth. My mother and father forced me to go to those drone seminars each and every week as well as every assembly and convention.

    They siphen the life out of kids as it did to me. You either end up batsh*t crazy or batsh*t crazy. I have never seen a person raised in the org that I could not immediately see some sort of emotional distress at the very least.


  • sabastious
    abuse is part of all stratas of society not just us!

    Get your panties out of a twist. This thread is about the hypothesis that the pervasive abuse history of most EX Jehovah's Witnesses is caused, at least in part, by the Watchtower doctrine/policies.


  • talesin

    They siphen the life out of kids as it did to me. You either end up batsh*t crazy or batsh*t crazy. I have never seen a person raised in the org that I could not immediately see some sort of emotional distress at the very least.

    just had to repeat that for emphasis

    ( to use a WT expression :D )

    nicely said, sab


  • undercover
    abuse is part of all stratas of society not just us!

    True. Abuse isn't limited to just one kind of religion, or one nation, or tribe or race. Your point is noted, but the thread isn't about "all stratas of society"...it's about JWs.

    The problem that has been noted here over and over is that the WTS/JWs has created a safe haven for abusive types. Maybe not intentionally, but in their attempt to preserve the reputation of the organization they sweep things under the rug.

    On a discussion board about JWs... and the pain and suffering that many have endured, a thread like this isn't meant to point to JWs as the only system/belief/organization that has abuse problems, it's meant to discuss our thoughts on how the WTS/JWs came to be in such a predicament, and what they should do, could do, that they continue to not do that could help alleviate a lot of the abuse in the congregations.


    Good Morning OTWO..

    The WBT$ attracts Tyrants..It legitimizes Tyranny..

    As long as you obey the WBT$..

    You can Rule over your own Little Pile of Sh*t in WatchTower World..

    Be it people in the congregation,or your own family..

    You Will go out in the FS this morning and..

    You Will Enjoy It!..


    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I think the JW environment is like one of many environments that requires its adherents to present a false public image. The pressure to appear as if one has it all together leads to suppressed anger and depression. Add to that tendencies towards abuse and dysfunction and you've got a perfect storm.

    I think abusive individuals and families thrive in a controlled environment. It is difficult to break the spell of the image being presented. In a twisted way, I believe that many abusers want to be caught and helped. So I think newcomers are drawn to the prospect of being healed of their problems. But once inside, the perversion of cult life catches them in a cycle that is difficult to recognize.

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