Is it ethical to make rich pay more taxes?

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  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    ethics are somewhat dynamic.

    money does not really have any real value.

    i probably don't have either. but i wouldn't mind having some more of the latter.

  • james_woods

    Given the two, I would probably take the former.

    Nobody here thinks I have any ethics, anyway - (I am a conservative.)

  • RubaDub
    The assumption is that rich people are rich because they work hard and take risks. That's bs. I know a lot of rich people that are incompetent assholes that are rich due to luck of being born into a rich family.

    Scotoma ...

    You sound angry and frustrated. Chill a bit.

    In general, rich people are rich because they want to be rich. There are many exceptions. Being born into a rich family certainly means one will be rich to start, but how many times do the ones being born with the golden spoon end up as personal failures in life (multiple divorces, substance abuse, etc etc). Greater opportunities are open for ones born into wealth, but they still have to play the hand they are dealt.

    Conversely, many poor people are poor because, quite frankly, they "enjoy" that lifestyle. As I am typing this, I am watching the news. They are showing nine guys who work for Chrysler drinking and smoking pot during their lunch break. They have (or had) well-paying jobs. I could be wrong, but I bet few if any of these guys were working on a college degree at night or seeking to improve their skills. Yet, these are benefits that the company would have paid for with little out-of-pocket expense. It would just take drive and desire to get "rich" as you call it, not just trying to get by.

    Take a look at out last three Presidents. Two out of three grew up in broken households without the figurative pot to piss in. Yet all three ended up in Ivy League schools and Presidents. They didn't take the same route to get there, but they arrived at the same place.

    True, some have more opportunities for wealth than others, but there are thousands of "poor" people who have been movitated to get "rich".

    Rub a Dub

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    First of all, what is "rich", and who determines that figure?


  • Lore
    All three of these reasons show lack of basic understanding of wealth generation or even government for that matter. Do not put an ounce of validity to any of those statements since they lead no where.

    The reasons may not be valid, but they sure are popular.

    Case in point: "The assumption is that rich people are rich because they work hard and take risks. That's bs. I know a lot of rich people that are incompetent assholes that are rich due to luck of being born into a rich family." - scotoma ~ page 3

    He knows a lot of them, and they're incompetant assholes who just happen to be rich. So it MUST be ok to steal their money.

    I'm using the word 'steal' for dramatic effect, but if you think about it, it's just government enforced theft.

    You have money, I want it, so I'll take it from you.

    is the same as:

    You have money, I want it, so I'll convince my congressman to take it from you.

    A member of society is entitled YES ENTITLED -
    both remedial and preventive medical care including mental health care.
    as much education as they can competently handle.
    safe and adequate nutrition. (beans,cabbage, biscuits and rice)
    transportation to and from work
    safe and healthy housing.

    They're entitled to this? Really? Says who?

    This might be a nice bubbly idea in a childrens show utopia where everyone is willing to work for free to do their part. But in reality it is not only impractical but it doesn't even logically follow. What did these members of society do that entitled them to all these free services?

  • moshe

    The reason rich people are rich is because poor people haven't killed them and taken their wealth, house, cars and women. Poor people are kept in check by social welfare programs, free food and a police force protecting the wealthy. I think the rich should be happy to pay more taxes in order to ensure their safety and continued status as a rich person.

  • Berengaria
  • SixofNine

    bah, moshe! that may have been the case 100 years ago, but just isn't true in today's world. The real reason is that the government elites have taken to injecting themselves and the rest of the rich with a foul bitter-flavored substance. The rich simply aren't tasty or even edible anymore.

  • Robdar

    I entered a higher tax bracket when I got married. If I have to pay my share of taxes (which I don't mind doing) so should the corporations.

    I am totally sick of this Orwellian funk permeating my country.

  • Robdar

    Maybe we should all lay down the Ayn Rand crack pipe and start reading George Orwell?

    I expect Terry to show up soon and kick my ass.

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