I have shingles

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  • coffee_black

    I was officially diagnosed today. Started out a little over a week ago with pain in my back, and a week ago the rash appeared. According to the dr, it seems I have been through the worst, and should clear in a week or so. The rash is drying up and only a few lesions remain.

    Since I didn't go in right away, the available meds are of no use. She suggested calimine lotion and or hydrocorisone cream... and aspirin. I have had some pain and discomfort, but not the excrutiating pain that some people seem to experience. I do have a slight temp. My bp was up some though... I get very nervous when going to the drs...plus having some pain raises it as well. Will monitor it for the next few days.. to make sure it's temporary.



  • flipper

    COFFEE_BLACK- So sorry to hear you have shingles. I've known some people who had it and they say it's very painful. I wish you the best and hope you can recover soon from this condition. Take care of yourself. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • TD

    I'm so sorry. That's miserable!

  • moshe

    Was it bad enough to miss a WT assembly?

    Get well quickly!

  • Dagney

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • jdhf

    I thought I had it a few weeks ago...thank goodness the rash was something else...but i really do sympathize with you. The neuralgia can be awful. I hope you have a speedy recovery and don't suffer with it too long! :)

  • VampireDCLXV

    OMG... That is not good... NOT good at all!

    I had a case of shingles once. It was a few years ago when I was stressing myself out because sleep deprivation. I started to get an itchy rash around my trunk area and my boss at the time told me to head to the doctor immediately as she was afraid I might have been coming down with something potentially contagious. I went to a walk-in clinic that day and I was surprised to hear the diagnosis of shingles from the doctor. I was immediately given a prescription for a very expensive anti-viral medication (and luckily I had some extended medical insurance that covered most of the cost). If I hadn't gone in that day, I easily could've been waylaid for two or more weeks and I would've lost a lot more income over that episode. I've seen that happen to others.

    If any of you someday get an itchy rash around your torso, *DON'T WAIT*! Head to your doctor right away or you stand to lose a lot more money from having to spend some unexpected time off of work than you would from having to see a doctor and buying the proper meds. You also might be risking permanent nerve damage from an untreated case of the shingles called PHN: Post Herpetic Neuralgia.



  • coffee_black


    I haven't taken time off from work... the pain has been manageable....and she assured me that I am on the homestreach. Mine is on my torso...but you can get it on the face...it's more serious then, because it can cause loss of sight. Nasty stuff....

    Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone!


  • talesin

    sorry, sweetie,, I know it's a painful thing,,, Vamp has lots of experience ((((VAMP)))) , so good advice there,, I can only offer sympathy... :)

  • leavingwt

    Sorry to hear this.

    I've had them once before. Very painful.

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