I have shingles

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    WOW babyruth! Your husband lost 20 cuz of your shingles!!! that is impressive hope you heal soon

  • Babyruth

    Well, the kitchen is foreign territory for him.

  • coffee_black

    Babyruth.... Wow you must have it a lot worse than me. I do have some nerve pain, but it's not constant. Hope you get better soon!!!


  • undercover

    I've been there... get well soon.

    My doc told me it was stress related. Interestingly I got them while I was a still active JW. Coincidence? I think not...

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Get well soon Coffee B.

    Nice to see your granddaughter's face has healed beautifully.

  • mouthy

    Lovely picture of your beautiful Grand daughter
    I can sympathise with you & Babyruth. I had it

    years ago. Very painful.Speedy recovery to you both

  • TallaulahB

    Glad to hear you won't be bearing the brunt of the pain. I had it as a kid (just a stressed out little JDub!), with blisters on my jaw and ear and shoulder. Completely awful, spent the summer in the house with the shades drawn (luckily not a single scar though!). The only good part was that I didn't have to go to meetings and if I remember correctly, I think I skipped the DC that year, too, so I guess the pain was worth it! It took years though for me to not have lingering nerve tingling on my ear, I still hold the phone on the other side of my head out of habit.

    FYI- it's probably not so much of a bother with it being on the torso, but sun exposure can get the area riled up, even after most of the effects are gone. Sunscreen baby!

  • coffee_black

    but sun exposure can get the area riled up, even after most of the effects are gone. Sunscreen baby!

    I have a company meeting tomorrow...and afterwards there's a company picnic.... in a very sunny area. I'm not planning to go to the picnic...don't want to push my luck.


  • coffee_black

    IMHO...How did L-Lysine help? I have some in the house. How much should I take?


  • coffee_black

    Well... the shingles are gone. I do have a little residual nerve pain, but it's less every day.

    It has been an eventfull month. My granddaughter stayed with me for a little more than a month. Brought her back to Florida by train. (she can't fly... her doctor wants an MRI before she flies just to be safe, and I didn't want to drive) The train ride was an experience... not sure I'd want to do that again. Then there was an earthquake in Virginia where my son lives... and then the hurricane this past weekend. Life is sure interesting lately.


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