Did you fake underlining the WT?

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  • hellenback

    LOL yeah HANDS UP it was me. The hightlighter pens were the best and why the F*** would I study when I have the intelligence of a knat and still can find the answer in the paragraphs . 3-5 mins flat . During the first year of marriage i studied with wife and her son but soon realised that my opinion on any other matter other than being a witness did'nt matter to them so I did'nt bother after that. The problem with them was they were silly sheep where I was a freethinking goat and proud to be.

  • Chariklo

    Always read them, hardly ever underline, brought up not to write in books.

    I don't care what others think. It's what I know and do that counts.

  • sizemik

    Yep . . . all the time in the later years. . . as a brother with "responsibilities" . . . it was easier just to create the illusion.

    I even did so when conducting the WT study (gulp)

  • cantleave

    I didn't underline. I said that being dyslexic meant underlining would amke it impossible to read from the platform if called upon.

  • TotallyADD

    The first time I read COC I highlighted sentences in it. LOL Now I am reading it for a second time 3 years later and I am amazed at what I highlighted. Things that really don't mean anything to me now but I quess back then I found that statement to be profound. The last few years in the cult it would take me 5 mins. or less to underline the study article. I just read the question and was able to find the answer in split second. Thats just goes to show you how shallow the article really are. Totally ADD

  • Robert7

    I always felt "Studying" and "answering questions" was an insult to my intelligence. I am a well educated professional, and they make me restate a sentence written at a fifth-grade level (at best) without any ability to insert any personal thoughts, analysis, etc? What's there to study or underline? Even worse, when I did 'comment' (out of pressure by my wife), people told me "I enjoyed your comment". What did you enjoy? I just restated a sentence. I literally actually felt stupid commenting at meetings. I preferred not answering then stooping down to that level, but at that point I was a little cynical.

  • NomadSoul

    I did it a few times when I was a kid. My parents used verify if I studied by the underlining. So when I didn't have time I just underlined the last two sentences of a paragraph.

  • ProdigalSon

    Most people usually had the entire study article highlighted or underlined. Here and there were a few sentences left alone. I always thought it would be just easier to black out the irrelevant stuff.

  • Haulin Oats
    Haulin Oats

    @cantleave... My best friend growing up did that. He had dyslexia and usually had to be the sunday WT reader. He never underlined because it messed him up when he read the paragraphs, just circled every Scripture. We used to joke around that we both hated studying and he only did that to fool his parents. He's an elder now.

    Im glad my parents never made me study on my own. They had the reasoning that if they didn't have time to study, then why force the kids to make time to do it also?

  • rebel8

    I did fake underline at times. Once my dubbie dearest caught me having underlined the wrong sentence. I said it's what caught my eye, not necessarily the answer to the question but something I wanted to memorize.

    At ass-emblies I also took notes in shorthand I had learned in my secretarial courses. I would write stuff like, "This is bs," "why are men always seen as superior," "I hate f---ing field service," stuff like that. People couldn't tell what I was writing b/c it was in shorthand. It helped me keep my sanity when I wanted to scream.

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