Did you fake underlining the WT?

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  • whathehadas

    those study articles were so boring. i hated every minute spent studying them. that was the motive for me to quickly go through them underlining answers that i was more than likely not going to comment on anyway at the meeting.

  • afreeman

    Yes, I do it all the time.

  • MrFreeze

    I would never read them. I'd read the question and then just skim through the paragraphs. Was able to "study" in like 3-5 minutes.

  • shepherd

    "the more colors=the strongest faith" - Yes, this was my point - your spirituality was judged on whether you used to deface the article with ink as a memory aid, when the answers were so obvious why would anyone need to underline any of it?

    I used to find it funny to see entire paragraphs underlined......haha

  • thetrueone

    There is a lot of pretentious elements within JWS, one is for them to show outwardly their apparent personally zeal

    and absorbing concern on the articles of information put out by the WTS..

    Hypocrisy, self righteous judgmentalism are but a few of the noted traits of the JW personality and character.

  • Paralipomenon

    Fake underlining was better with a highlighter. Very bright and noticable!

  • C6H12O6

    I used to, but many witnesses gave me counsel saying that just underlining was not good enough. So i took a step above and wrote out the scriptures in the margins in tiny handwriting. Then some witnesses would actually read stuff off my WT. After the meeting, they would tell me that studying involves more than underlining and copying the scriptures. So my next solution: underline and write scriptures and comments in another language in the margins. Good thing no one in the Kingdom Hall knew how to read Swedish and Japanese...bwahahaha!

    Fake underlining was better with a highlighter. Very bright and noticable!

    I wish I could have done that before, but I probably would get complaints that I'm using too much highlighter.

  • KristiKay

    When I was studying with the JWs, The lady that was conducting the study read me the question, I was thinking for a moment to put the answer in my own words and thoughts, when the other lady offered me a pen so I could underline the answers. I couldn't believe they just wanted me to just repeat back what I just read! Silly me, I was thinking, rather then just paroting back what the book said..(I don't know where the itallics came from, and I can't turn it off)

  • man in black
    man in black

    for years I did it honestly, then after attempting to reach out and being overlooked for around two years I started to develop

    "jw burnout syndrome". I did fake it for several months then asked myself "why bother"?

    Since we had younger kids, we would usually sit near the back of the hall. One Sunday we were in the back row and one of the uber-elders was doing

    one of those quick-darting glances at my wt.

    Later during the week, he called my wife and asked her why my magazine was not studied on Sunday? She made some comment about my burnout and he said " well, if he cannot study for even the Sunday wt study, then perhaps he is not ready to assume the position of ms.

    When I heard this, I quit underlining everything, and was honest with myself, d*m these guys for policing how spirituality should be shown

    aka : underlining answers so people can see them .

  • shepherd

    When I was 'reaching out' I was even told to use a straightedge ruler rather than underline freehand and to avoid using red ink....and I was so eager to please I even did for a while...

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