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  • hotchocolate

    I'm smiling as I write this. I've just read my post three years ago, titled "I left." I wrote that two days after I had packed up my house and flown 2000 miles away to Sydney with my little boy. I had kept my move a secret from all my friends and family. Only my husband knew I was leaving. I didn't want anyone to attempt to stop me. I had some very dark times back then. The hardest times of my life, without doubt.

    Reflecting on how far I've come since I first joined the board makes me feel pretty happy.

    I flew to Bali last week, a celebration of the news that I'd got a new job! I have been on the lookout to move up the ladder in my career, and have just managed to secure a great new position. The money is fantastic, the location is awesome. I am stoked.

    I've just finished my first unit in a postgraduate (work experience allowed me to skip the degree) at Notre Dame University in Western Australia - Grad Dip in Business. I don't know my exam results yet, but I received a HD for my major assignment. :-)

    To top it off, I've started seeing a guy I went to school with. Freaking gorgeous, intelligent and pretty damn awesome.

    How is this all happening? I never could have dreamed it up back when I first took tentative steps away from the witnesses.

    Life is GOOD.

  • flipper

    HOT CHOCOLATE- This is awesome news ! So very happy for you my friend. This has all happened because the last several years you have had the FREEDOM to choose the direction your own life takes ! The way life should be lived. Not controlled by old men farting around a Bethel conference table.

    I wish you all the happiness and success you have received in your life with work, education, and love in your life . Even though the WT society tries to scare us and says we will crash and burn on our own away from the JW organization - usually it's the other way around - we excel and gain much happiness and fulfillment . Good luck to you. Keep on keeping on with happiness ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Im happy for you HotChocolate.

    I love hearing stories like that.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Good on yer mate!!!!

    Ya warmed the cockles of my Yankee heart.


  • carla

    Congratulations on your new life! I am so happy for you! You give others hope by posting your update, thank you.

  • Curtains

    great news chocolate, thanks for taking the time to share

  • sizemik

    Thanks for posting that hotchocolate . . . it's so encouraging.

    No doubt you've had to work hard for it . . . so you're getting what you deserve . . . it's just getting outa that cage and giving ourselves the chance to grow. Starts out difficult . . . and then it just get's better. You're living proof.

    Old school contacts can make for a great hook-up . . . we know their background somewhat, so we have a history as a base. All the best with it all.

    size; NZ

  • OnTheWayOut

    Love the positive update. Rock on, girl.

  • mouthy

    Hey this is GREAT GOOD NEWS!!!

    You warmed the cockles of my cockney heart also...

    See what happens when we take our brains back from Brooklyns Old men!!

  • cantleave

    But you left the troof - your life should be miserable - ahhhh I know, Satn is blessing you!!

    Great News Hot Chocolate!

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