Democrat or Republican? Does it matter?

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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Both parties are owned. The only difference is their rhetoric.

    Democratic candidates SAY things that lean toward a more liberal and social agenda but they DO whatever the money-people want them to.

    Republican candidates SAY things that lean toward a more conservative and military-industrial agenda but they DO whatever the money-people want them to.

    So does it matter who you vote for? Only if you can find a candidate who thinks for himself and doesn't look like someone who's going to be owned.

  • littlerockguy
  • Berengaria

    Sweeney, I'm sorry but that just is not true. If you actually look at legislation proposed by Congresspersons or better yet State governments, you can see exactly where the differences are. Show me a piece of legislation at the Federal level that is focused on making life better for working Americans, and it's a pretty easy guess which party presented it.

  • designs

    Which Party supported Legislation to set up the EPA and identify situations like the Love Canal, which Party wants to De-Fund the EPA under the cover of Help American Business.

  • Glander

    Business writer? BB has said before she was a freelance Grant writer, aka, a hired beggar.

    Comfortably retired? (Disingenuous.)

    Tea Party put down quotes from Bill Maher? Perfect. The guru of the radical left. (But don't bother quoting Limbaugh, we all know he is just a hate monger. )

  • designs

    What a shock it will be with hours before the Default Deadline a Deal is hammered out......

  • Robdar

    The libs had their chance with the Tea Partiers and blew it. I like Bill Maher but let's not forget he is subject to his own biases even as we all are. Having said that, I only went to a couple of meetings because I felt some of them might be too close to the edge and I couldn't tell which direction the movement was going.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The GOP giants of my youth were Nelson Rockefeller, Romney Senior, William F. Buckley, James Buckley, Jake Javitz, Ed Brooke's. African-Americans were almost all GOPS, the party of Lincoln. When I went through black neighborhoods in NY, there were still prayer rugs with Lincoln's image. Haven't seen any outside of a museum in decades.

    Now there is Olympia Snowe.

    I fund raise, vote, campaign and vote some more. Voter integrity is a keen interest. We do not have real choice. Yes, some slight difference exists between the two parties. If you are poor or middle class, voting Dems is in your interest. If wealthy, vote GOP. Many wealthy NYers though are very active Dems. The Blue Dog Dems favor business. The GOP has become populist. I don't see a single candidate refined and Ivy Leaguish. It is all I saw when young. These are not Wall St. Journal crowds. The GOP's main message is no longer fiscal constraint but social issue driven.

    Other countries give you a much broader range of vision. Our system may make sense for. Repeatedly, parties nominate candidates that feed off the base rather than the public at large. The nuttier one loses. Voters choose a centrist position. Recently, the parties change power frequently. I worked for a Democratic presidential candidate. He had no grand scheme or beliefs. The very system attracts narcissists. What normal person raises millions and knocks on doors with the message I can represent your interests better than you. High school class president types get elected. The Geek Squad.

    I don't think we face this situation b/c of conspiracy or bad will. Recently, I've volunteered for the local party rather than a candidate or issues. Strangely, many of these people could not tell you the principles behind their party. Yet these strange orgs. have the structure to get someone elected. Many of my politcal heros in youth were defeated by the party rather than the other side.

    Vote and vote often.

  • moshe

    Ah, Farkel, the good 'ol days back in the 60's- our sorry economy is like this- when you're out of Schlitz, you're out of beer.

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