I wish JW's would stay home when they are sick!

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    As some of you know my husband got pneumonia on the way down to Lake Tahoe and wound up in the hospital. We have not been around anyone that was sick nor did he seem to have a cold he just got pneumonia. I had, had surgery for hernias amost three weeks ago but I doubt that gave him exposure to pneumonia.

    Well out of the blue while I was in Tahoe a older sister called me and told me one of the elders had bronchitis really bad. Now my husband still goes out in service and it seems this elder went out sick the week before my surgery and my husband worked with him that day. That Monday the elder got really sick and finally his wife convinced him to go to the doctor and that was when he was told he had bronchitis.

    Then yesterday a different older sister in the hall called me and told me many in the hall have been really sick with either bronchitis or pneumonia.

    Now my husband was not really around the members of the hall because of my surgery he missed a couple of meetings and then with our trip planed for Tahoe he missed some more. So really the only time he was exposed was that Saturday before my surgery. I had my surgery on Friday and by Sunday he looked gray, I called the doctor and they checked him out because of his heart but they did not look for pneumonia as we had no idea being he did not have any sings of having a cold.

    I know it could all be a huge coincidences that so many in the summer have gotten really sick in a group of about 60 but I truly wonder.

    I know where we live it used to be the rule if you were sick you should still be at the meetings because you would feel just as sick sitting at home so why not be where Jehovah wants you to be.

    I remember about five years ago one of the worst colds I ever had was I swear from a elder. We used our car that day and as soon as he got into it was was coughing and sneezing. He said he was so sick but when he woke up that morning he though hey I will be just as sick if I stay home and lay in bed as I would if I went out in service. So instead of giving into myself I decided to serve Jehovah.

    I was like thanks as I have to work I have no sick time. You guessed it I got one of the worst colds ever and I had to work through it. I was so mad.

    I truly wish sick JW's would JUST STAY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Alfred

    If it's the last Saturday of the month and they haven't been in FS that month, some JWs will feel the pressure and get out of bed, sick or not... I've seen it countless times... The thought of being labelled "irregular" is too much for some JWs to bear...

  • undercover
    I truly wish sick JW's would JUST STAY HOME

    fixed that for ya

    But yea, I remember durnig the flu and cold season the hall was more like a doctor's waiting room than it was a religious meeting. Sneezing, hacking, coughing. Kids with runny noses. And then everyone's running around before and after shaking hands and whatnot.

    If one person got a cold or flu you could track the progress of it through the congregation by who knew who or closely associated with.

  • wobble

    Even worse is when they attend whilst carrying a virus that gives one the s**ts ! Boy, is that contageous !

    talk about "it runs in the family" !

  • cantleave

    Interestingly since I have stopped attending the boasting sessions I have had very few illnesses.

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    There was a letter sent to congregations within the past couple years regarding those that are sick and it being not only acceptable, but encouraged to stay home when they have an illness. This was around the time when there was a couple super-bugs going around and not a few people died as a result. I think the letter also touched on proper procedures when it comes to cleaning in the Kingdom Hall too, but I can't recall.


    [email protected]!!..

    You beat me to it..


  • life is to short
    life is to short


    You are so right I truly wish they would just STAY HOME. Thanks for the correction.


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Interestingly since I have stopped attending the boasting sessions I have had very few illnesses.

    Same here.

    I remember that letter being read on a Thursday night, Miz. It was late 2009 just as the winter cold/flu season was hitting, IIRC. It sort of worked for a few weeks but then the counter-pressure of "MUST ATTEND MEETINGS" overcame the wisdom of the counsel and things went back to the status quo.

  • EmptyInside

    Yes,and it's worse when they take a small child to the meetings,when they are sick, too. I remember a couple of kids vomiting at the Assembly hall during the program. The poor young attendents had to clean it up. I'm not even sure the parents left after that.

    I would always get sick after an assembly. And since,I miss a lot of meetings,I don't have as many illnesses as before.

    It's really selfish of them to go out in service and go to the meetings during an illness. They need to think of elderly ones and young children,and also those with a low immune system.

    The only thing good about having a cold is getting to stay home from the meeting. What's their problem,lol.

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