How well do you sleep?

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  • Curtains

    wow so many people here with shoulder pain - me too. for insomnia I went to see my doctor and she told me that the government is making it very difficult for doctors to prescribe meds for insomnia!!!

    she suggested to try somnex but not every night. So I take this over the counter remedy once or twice a week and it works.

    The trouble with shoulder pain is that in time it can knock out the lower spine because of the posture one sometimes needs to adopt. Had myself checked out last week - MRI, emg etc. I'm hoping to receive some more effective treatment. Traction was mentioned, local injections - the worst case scenario is surgery.

    whilst waiting for the final results I have been making some lifestyle changes and these have been helping with my sleep. taken up simple yoga. this is very calming and helps with the pain.

  • AGuest

    "I feel your pain", dear NC and Curtains (peace to you, both!) - LOLOLOL! Shoulder pain is a MONSTER, isn't it?? I did physical therapy but apparently that only exacerbated the problem, so now my doctors (primary care, physical medicine, and surgeon) all believe surgery is the only option. It hurts worse at night (OMG!)... but especially when a "cold front" comes in - oh... my... gawd - which happened early this morning. Again, praise JAH for heating pads! A dear friend gave me a wonderful full body pad that is powered by amethyst crystals (so that your body heats, not the pad)! I do have to crank it all the way up (so sometimes my back "burns")... as well as put a little drugstore one on the front... but that does "sooth" my pain a great deal. But I almost can't wait until the surgery (although I'm a little apprehensive because of some "complications" I experienced after my last surgery. BUT... I'll get through it!).

    Anyway, Tylenol PM is the only thing I can handle/stomach these days so I'll give that another try for the insomnia.

    Peace, all!

    SA, on her own...

  • Lozhasleft

    After reading some of your posts I am thankful that at least I am not awake and in pain! Its certainly surprising how many people suffer from insomnia...and one of the worst things is thinking everyone else in the world is sleeping soundly while I cant thats one less thing to bother me lol.

    Loz x

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