Things are heating up again!

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  • TimothyT

    Thanks everyone.

    In my situation, I will admit that I have been very lucky. I know that I will one day be disfellowshipped and im so proud of my dad for saying to me that he would NEVER abandon his children over a religion. He is adamant that the bible DOESNT teach that.

    I have other gay friends and im aware that many of you here have been and are in the situation where your parents have not been so understanding. I hope that things pick up for you.

    We have stopped going to meetings and on field service, but we have continued our biblical discussions. My dad and I, are very keen on deep bible study. We often research the words, their meanings and how the principles in the bible can make us just better, decent people. That is beneficial bible study. We are sick of the JW slant on things. My brother is not so interested in this side of things, but Im sure he will be happy anyway.

    I was trying to consider what my situation will be now. It feels wierd. We are totaly free! No one has control over me and I have free will to say and do what I want. I wonder how many of the bros and sis are going to ask me about it when they see me. I work with one sister regularly, and she will be upset, but I will tell her that i actualy am proud of him for making this stand. She knows that I dont agree with the FDS and I think this will upset her. I can see that after speaking my heart with a number of bros and sis, and word getting around, the elders will form a judicial comittee and brandish me an apostate!

    BRING IT ON!!!

    Timmy xxx

  • watersprout

    I need to hug you! ((((hugs))))

    I'm soo happy your dad has seen the WT for what it really is... Just support him cause he is really going to need it... You are very lucky to have such a strong family unit.

    Peace be with you all during this emotional journey.

  • sizemik

    It's good that you have a sharing with your Dad on a spiritual level Tim. Be cautious however, that continuing with a Bible based belief can make one vulnerable. What I mean by that, is that after some time the heat of indignation can fade. Also contact with JW's can expose you to all the excuse making . . . you know . . . "Men aren't perfect" . . . "Jehovah will sort it" . . . "it was just a one-off" . . . etc etc.

    Not saying you shouldn't persue your studies . . . and focussing more on Christ is a good idea. The JW's tend to water Christ's role down a bit as only relative. His "way, truth and life" is more about a way of thinking rather than a perfunctory immitation of his methods and following rules. And it certainly makes for a superior way of life.

    Having said all that . . . sounds like you guys have it sorted

    All the best for coming days.

  • dm6

    beware you father was an elder for 10 years and a jw for 20, he may need support and come here. is timothyT your name? i guess it doesnt matter if he sees anythign now your all open with him about everything! well done to you mate!

  • cantleave

    Timothy - I am so pleased you are getting support from many different directions. It sounds like your dad is a good guy.

  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Timothy, I am happy for you. I am also happy for your Dad, as this will relieve him of some of the conflicts he has dealt with. I know you are excited and that your life is moving quickly in a direction that you feel good about. One piece of advice: If possible, don't be so caught up in your own momentum that you forget those that you may be able to help.

    As your Dad disassociates and as you anticipate your own exit, remember that you are in a rare position to help those within the JW religion who may be doubting "The Truth," or, considering their own exit. The Society paints those who leave the Organization as willful sinners, Satanic and mentally disturbed. You and your Dad can show that this is not true. You are kind, loving, reasonable people who have weighed all the options and have come to a well thought out decision.

    I know it may be tempting to have a "BRING IT ON!!!" attitude, considering the emotional rollercoaster ride you have been on. But give some thought to being as patient and humble as possible, even if it is difficult to do so. You never know who you might make a good impression on.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Congratulations, Timmy.

    One thing I don't get - and maybe you explained and I missed it - is if your dad is DAing, why don't you just go ahead and DA now, too?

  • jamiebowers

    Timmy, look up Mad Sweeney's cult free radio show on a Biblical view of homosexuality. It may be an eye opener for him.

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