My Letter I'm Out of the Synagogue of Satan

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  • ultrabimbo

    Your right DS what's done is done. I am not saying that you cannot bring up the topics that disturb you

    about the witnesses and their teachings with your husband. Two adult people who love each other

    should be able to talk about just about anything without being offended as long as the topics are

    discussed with respect for the other individual and their beliefs. Be careful though, your relationship has

    changed whether or not you think it has. If it was not a fragile relationship before this, it is at least

    a little fragile now. Before I became an "apostate" (not from God but from the WT) I could talk to my

    wife about almost anything, but once I was an outsider that all changed. Be careful. Best wishes to you and your family.


  • shopaholic


    I think it was a great idea to give copies to members of your congregation so they know you decided to leave and was not disfellowshipped by the org. Your letter has a very sincere feel to it and will not doubt linger in the minds of some.

    For others considering writing a letter, its probably best not to include so many scriptures as it is a turn off for most JWs. However, in the end, write what you feel and what brings you closure.

    Wishing you all the best,


  • moshe
    But being married to an "apostate" is a big burden for a JW to carry whatever the circumstances. My wife finally came to the conclusion that I was a imminent danger to her spirituality and used this as her basis to seperate from me "in good conscience".

    JWs don't ask why the opposers arguments are such a threat to the WT truth- truth is truth-right? That should hold up under any attack of reason/logic from the outside- but we know it doesn't. My JW wife used the same "WT approved" logic, called absolute spiritual endangerment, to divorce me back in 1989- and she had a letter from Bethel telling her she could do that with a clear conscience.

    I liked the letter- not having any charities is a known weak spot for the WT religion, as they have no real defense for not helping the poor.

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