Should I date her?

by Iamallcool 102 Replies latest social relationships

  • Twitch

    Well, RuPaul would prolly go for it and Iamallcool/Asilentone would double his chances for getting some or something,..

    Then again, 2 x 0 = 0

  • unshackled

    (I had previously thought it was something about llamas...)

    Haha...thought the same thing Kudra. Someone who was really into their llamas. (Llamas All Cool)

  • shamus100

    think you should "date" yourself, Iamallcool. You should date yourself really hard.

    Best idea yet.

    Have you found a website where you could brag about this with other lowlives... er, um, your friends? :D

  • shamus100

    And don't put down Asseiltoone. You don't understand deaf culture...

    Okay, I just spit my coffee all over the place.... ;D

  • Free!!

    Iamallcool.. I have been in this board for a little over a month, and i can tell.... you really, REALLY, REALLY need to stop smoking whatever you are smoking... is time to leave the imaginary friends behind!! xoxox

  • Kudra

    If there was someone on this board who had a bunch of llamas, I would totally think that they are all cool. That is for sure.

    I ran across a family backpacking in the Sierra Nevada with some llamas. They did have a little kid who was whining and crying and was TOTALLY not appreciating getting a ride on a llama.

    I want a llama! I want a cool llama.

  • shamus100

    I've seen many llamas, Kudra. Be warned: They spit! >:0

    I have several alpaca sweaters too. They are awesome. When you wash them you have to do it by hand and use shampoo! :D

  • unshackled
  • shamus100

    I vote for the drama llama. :D

    Much better than... what was that um, whatshisnuts talking about?


  • Robdar


    I love all the smart asses on this board

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