What was something that you loved but were denied as a JW?

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  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    I could go on and on about all the things I loved, but I'll keep it brief and just mention one, rather trivial thing: Music. I love grunge and punk, and occasionally heavy metal, and can't listen to a lot of it as a Witness.

  • Star tiger
    Star tiger


    It was Heavy metal, Birthdays, Christmas and a general feeling of being normal!

    Best Regards,

    Star Tiger

  • Twitch
  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    There was a girl that I loved at one point. I truly loved her, and to this day I'm attracted to women who remind me of her. Other than that, I'd say I wish I had more time to focus on sports, football, basketball, weightlifting, amongst other things, but there was never enough time. Too busy wasting time going out in field service, or meetings, or preparing for and delivering talks. I'd also say that I didn't take my education seriously in High School because I figured the end was right around the corner. Granted, to be fair, I've never been college material, but is it possible that I would have been hadn't those cocksuckers in Walkhill had so much influence in my life? Another thing is, to this day I try to avoid music and movies with foul language and excessive violence, but you know what? After today, that comes to an end, and I'll tell you why. The book of Judges is one of the most violent, dispicable accounts of a chosen people that I've ever had the privilege of reading. If God has a problem with boxing, or MMA, then why is the book of Judges part of the canon? If a realistic movie were made about all of the events recorded in the book of Judges, it would be banned, Rated R would be too good for it.

  • Jadeen

    For me it was learning to play musical instruments. My mom had a piano and I would watch and listen to her play. I would then pick out the songs that she had played by ear. I had the talent and desire, but lessons on how to play was something that my parents said would happen "in the New System".

    I was venting to my husband about how much I had wanted to learn violin and he bought me one last Christmas. He's such a sweetie!

  • unshackled

    In grade school I was a helluva runner (well guess still could be...if I didn't like Doritos and beer so much) and desperately wanted to join Track & Field. Teachers would hound me to join. That and hockey. Hockey flows thru my veins and I'd spend entire weekends playing road or pond hockey. If I could reverse time and change things it would be to play organized hockey from a young age.

    I agree with Miz...missed education opportunities. Only did the bare minimum to get thru high school and never ever entertained college or university. Not that it is too late....but if I could go back I would've pursued something in the field of science. That is if I didn't make the NHL first....

    Stanley Cup Final...Game 7..score tied 2-2...in overtime...."unshackled steals the puck at center, two-on-one with Lemieux, pass to Mario, back to Shack....he shoots, HE SCORES! Unshackled has won the Stanley Cup!!

    Guess NHL11 on PS3 will have to do.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    No Room For George: Yeah, Judges is...something else, alright. One of my least favorite bible books. A lot of parts of the bible really bothered me, especially as a young child.

  • designs

    College definetly, now I'm the old guy on campus so things worked out. Around 1966 the Society came out with their anti-college agenda. I had my college all picked out, an Architecture School in Northern California. So instead there was Pioneering and then Prison with the Viet Nam War raging on.

    Life has second and third opportunities, grab it or make it happen, either way is ok.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Let's see: playing school sports, going to college (even though I now have a degree), not being the odd kid out on every damn thing! Otherwise, nothing!

    It certainly could have been worse. My folks are not bad people and I know they thought they were doing what they though was right. My childhood was most definately better than theirs and I'm grateful to them.

  • MrDarkKnight

    Organized sports. I was recruited every year for basketball and track and baseball and every year I asked my Dad if I could play. If I hear 1 Timothy 4:8 again I think I will scream!

    Now that I am inactive and out of the congregation I recently became certified as a Coach with National Alliance for Youth Sports. I will be coaching football and basketball this year. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    My son, who is 12 years old and lives with his JW mother, was upset when I told him I was coaching now. He said, "But Dad you won't be able to coach me." I told him when he visits he can practice with the teams and if he's here when we have a game I will let him play, after all I am the coach. When I told him I would make sure I had a uniform for him his eyes lit up and he flashed a big smile and said "Cool."

    I think forbidding kids to play organized sports robs them of a really, really good time. It sucks.

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