what religion are you now?

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  • TotallyADD

    Don't know yet. It is a work in progress. My wife has become a secular humanist. For me I still looking although I do believe alot what she says. Welcome back. Totally ADD

  • onemore


    Please check your PM.



  • StoneWall

    I'm a dudeist.

    The more I read about dudeism, the more I realize this is what I was meant to be all my life.


    I bet more of you out there are dudes and dudettes without knowing it yet. But in time you will. :)

  • onemore

    I think I’m becoming a Christian. I’m not affiliated to any denomination just yet, but looking at different ones for future reference. But to be honest, I’ll feel more comfortable just hooking up with some ex-JWs for simple bible discussions and to expend time together.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    My husband said I am a secular humanist which is what I call myself although I have not joined any group. This most closely defines what I now believe. I do not accept belief in anything supernatural. I think everything has an explanation even though we may never know what that may be. I believe in the human spirit, not any supernatural "holy spirit". I do not understand the shades of difference in the definitions of "atheist", "agnostic", "secular humanist", so I suppose all apply to me in some sense.

    Before I became a Witness I had strong doubts in the existence of a loving, caring god. I thought the Bible was simply a collection of stories for the purpose of teaching children moral lessons. I was confident that science would answer all questions. I have returned to those basic beliefs with refinements. Thus I call myself Reopened Mind.

    Reopened Mind

  • AwareBeing

    "At Home" 'worship': w/payer, reading, and study; many translations and books.

    Using instrumental music before and after "Lords Evening Meal" talk w/extended family.

    Similar to the disciples of Y'suah, that's based on the patriarchal's headship; not religion's.

    No priests, elders or "fathers"; not a governmentally registered org, and no money involved.

  • jehovahsheep

    after about a year out i studied with the ct russell bible students and faded because of the intense error and quackery of his teachings.always been interested in end times doctrine and then i studied many different belief systems.came to the the conclusion that everyone was just speculating and were all wrong.after considering preterism -i could see that the end of the age has already come in 70 ad.the bible was written FOR us -not TO us.with this outlook a christian can live a full life and try to improve the world around us instead of of standing down and waiting for something that will NEVER happen.we are all going to grow old and die like our previous hundreds of generations before us.we do have eternal life with christ avalable to us though.

  • Sulla

    After flirtations with agnosticism and evangelicalism, I became Catholic. There is so much here, it is so full of life...

  • shamus100

    The religion of shut the hell up.

  • partydelights

    Although out of WT, I remain a Christian and together with my wife, worship the God of the Bible.

    We attended a Church for the sake of our children - That they may find companionship now and (perhaps) a mate from the Church in the future. We hope they'll marry Christians instead of people from other religions.

    For us, we know that Jesus did not require us to be under any organization. Worship is with spirit and truth, not with an Organization.

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