you can disassociate without even knowing it...very rare!

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  • oompa

    this works well for elders who are cowards and want you out but dont really have a dfing offense to hang on you...even if you make no statement written or oral that you no longer want to be a jw they can say you quit jw. they can say that some actions of yours indicated to them that you have disassociated yourself and when that happens they are not even required to tell you there is a committee there is no reason to tell you a letter is going to be read and so you have no two week period to challenge their decision...but they do not even have to tell you why they reached the decision that something you did that made them conclude you have disassociated yourself

    in fifty years i have never even known anyone who disassociated themselves...and have never even heard of anyone disassociating themselves without even knowing it!!!! and what pisses me off is that they have told others both inside and outside the congo that i was not dfd but disassocited myself which around here is WAY worse to the flock than getting dfd for like flukkin around...which is so flukkin common it is almost cool. i feel that them telling others that i quit jw when i really did not is slander and has really defamed my character and i would say it damaged my reputation but lol i already had a horrible reputation!!! so now i am pretty much like satan on earth around here....i bet almost everyone on this board has never heard of anyone disassociating themselves without even knowing it! if you have let me know

    the only reason i even met with them was because of my parents who will have almost nothing to do with me now...i really miss them and will for the rest of their lives

    these guys have almost no real accountability............I feel sooooo special!!!..........oompa

  • OnTheWayOut

    I have heard of the Double-Secret DA, but never personally saw one. It is typically used for joining the military, attending regular church sessions, openly celebrating birthdays or holidays, accepting blood.

    But I suppose it could be extended. I imagine it could easily be used for homosexuality, living with someone of the opposite sex, continual smoking (the biggest of sins) or drug usage. It seems to me that it could not be extended for single acts of WT-defined "sin" but it's their game and their rules. Yes, it is the chicken way to avoid the judicial committee meeting and the need to contact the accused and give them their "day in court" with the appeals rights.

  • rebel8

    I believe that's what was done to me but I'm not certain. I heard a rumor.

    I don't care. Expecting crazy controlling people to not be crazy and controlling is...crazy.

    In my former kh in the 80s it was regularly used as a DFing status for unbaptized people. It was involuntary, but it was announced. I believe they were told to stop doing that, it was in a Kingdumb Ministry or something like that. Years ago I started a thread on it.

  • oompa

    they refused to tell me what i had done that led them to their decision...they never mentioned the blood transfusion i got while i was unconcious at the hospital and im sure were told not to say it since i could be recording the meeting....but it also may be because they know i associate with dfd people including my sons....part of me wants to sue these guys individually rather than the org....just to make them spend their own money and be a pain in their ass...can you imagine how long i could drag that out? it could cost them thousands...............................oompa

  • nugget

    I appreciate your anger, the arrogance of these people is incredible. They take no account of the consequences of their decisions and the huge impact they just get all pious and self righteous and think that they can rush to judgement. They feel all smug and self satisfied about keeping the congregation clean but they do nothing but affirm their own position and pointless power.

    This is having a massive impact on you but whethe the legal route is possible I do not know. This organistion hides behind it's rights whilst walking all over yours. The tragedy is that by getting baptised we gave them permission to do it and they will exploit it. If you have money to spare I'd say do it, if money is tight then don't.

  • oompa

    so true nugget...i even told them that if they can make an announcement about me in the hall that will take away my parents and friends that they owe me an explanation....that is when they asked me to leave the meeting was four minutes...they had no intention of answereing any of my questions and only one of them even of my old dear friends was there and he never once looked me in my eyes...he had even told me months ago he wished the decision could be reversed...but he just followed the head bull elder...............oompa

    and i am under no delusion that i could ever win a legal case against them

    i really dont know why more people like me dont go totally postal on them....

  • EntirelyPossible

    while they, in theory, have rules, they are playing a shell game in which they hold all the cards and have all the power. the more power hungry they are the more fast and loose they are with the rules. it's 3 card monte and you can't win.

  • DesirousOfChange

    i really dont know why more people like me dont go totally postal on them....

    If they get harsher and harsher in their actions against more people, this is what may start occuring, as people are already so stressed out today. If they put them in a position where they lose all their family and friends and they feel they have nothing else to lose, people are at risk of snapping.

  • designs

    'head bull elder' are you sure these guys even have balls, cowards rarely do.

  • thetrueone

    For some eiders their expressed power over the flock is what they live and breath.

    Your right though about how JWS deem DF people and DA people, if you been DF for one action or another

    but are still going to meetings, they perceive the individual as made an mistake but are repenting toward their actions.

    DA to some is like well you left and gone to Satan's side and your fully supporting his rulership.

    The WTS. is so scared of losing devout members anyone showing disintest or expected as such are quickly picked out and identfied.

    And they don't really care about how their actions will result toward that individual's inner personal relationship with their own family members.

    The organization is their power and they fully intend to exercise that power to show who they are and reconfirm their obtained status.

    But like it was mentioned already their are many diverse and varied circumstances.

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