you can disassociate without even knowing it...very rare!

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  • BluesBrother

    The 2010 "Shepherding the Flock " book says (these are extracts from chapt 9)

    "Whereas disfellowshipping is an action taken by a judicial committee against an unrepentant wrongdoer, disassociation is an action taken by an individual who no longer desires to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Actions that may indicate disassociation include the following :

    Making known a firm decision to be known no longer as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Joining another religious organization and making known his intention to remain with it.

    Willingly and unrepentantIy taking blood

    Taking a course contrary to the neutral position of the Christian congregation."

    Reading it carefully, there is no specific requirement to inform the subject. In theory, he has already left and gone......

    In respect of blood transfusion it says

    "if the elders on the committee determine that he is unrepentant, they should announce his disassociation"

  • watson

    Seems like years ago, you had to write a letter of disassociation, and it was because you wanted to leave, or felt you no longer belonged. I think it has morphed some.

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    It's not rare. It's been happening, that I know of, since the late 70's. It happens to minors too.

    I even know of a case were the person got off with private reproof, months later, after a CO visit, they anounced a DF with out even telling the person of their change of mind.

    Basicly they have had there eye on you, for obviouse reasons, and gotcha ya.

    Not much you can do about it, but make yourself upset or move on.

    Thinking about sueing is a what I call a 'revenge fantasy'. It sooths the mind from something you have no control over.

    Best to move on and quit banging your head on the wall. It's just a big waste of energy.


  • AwareBeing

    A new book is out about The Church of Scientology. That they practiced pursuance

    in the court systems of their former members, who have exposed the Church's

    unethical behavior. Please see; Is Scientology Going the Way of WT? thread.

  • jamiebowers

    I'm sory about your parents, but at least you have your sons. Active jw relatives are dangerous people. After all, they'd rather see you dead than take a blood transfusion.


    Ya..I`ve known about that for decades..

    You should sue individual elders..The WBT$ won`t help them..

    JW Elders would think twice about ruining someones life with no protection from the WBT$..

    Right now..

    Most JW Elders think the WBT$ will back them up no matter what..


  • thetrueone

    If the WTS institutes a shunning policy on to people that were once JWS but have moved over to another faith,

    are they not inciting religious indifference, prejudice and hatred ?

    In most modern countries this is illegal !

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