It's my Birthday on Thursday

by nugget 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • stillin

    nugget, you have a pm

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    happy happy birthday

  • dm6

    NUGGET! Happy birthday!!! I wish you a very happy day!!! Celebrate it, enjoy it, have fun. its not wrong or against God to Celebrate the birthday of your life!

  • nugget

    Thank you all for your good wishes it means alot. What is great is to know so many of us have truly learnt the importance of celebration. When you experience the pleasure of thinking of others and looking for things that surprise them and make them happy and the joy of giving and receiving you appreciate what a huge sacrifice we all made whilst in the organisation.

    I love it that so many of us have put this behind us.

    yay me and my Thursday Birthday on my bucket list I plan to spend 1 birthday in France. It's Bastille day over there I like the thought that a nation will be feeling good vibes with me.

  • Ding

    Happy Birthday!

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    France sounds like a great idea! Go to the South and make sure you get to the sea with a marina as they put on the most fantastic fireworks show - I would recommend Cannes (my mum has an apartment there if you fancy renting it out . . . ).

    If you're staying at home, you could have some girlfriends over with kids for afternoon tea - make some cakes and get them to join you for your 2nd birthday. Always fun.

    Come up to London for a real treat, browse Liberty's and Carnaby Street and end up at Ping Pong for some Dim Sum - drinks at the Hotel Kaminsky. Heaven.

    Whatever you do, have the most wonderful day - if you decide on London, I'll come and have a drink with you!

  • Snowboarder

    Happy Brithday! And speaking of birthdays i have one soon July 25th. Enjoy your birthday and have a good one! Hey i live close to France now! Have a good trip and take pictures. Sretan rodendan, ?????? ????????! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

    ps, if anyone has time check out my blog!

  • wobble

    Hey Nugget ! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!

    I worked it out, you are 21 so get the key of the door ! (How old fashioned is that ?)

    Funny, I get the feeling you'll be 21 next year too.

    Have a great day, and tell your husband he can make it a romantic day too if he likes,that would give you a real surprise !

  • jamiebowers

    It depends on what you like to do. We have parties for my husband, kids and grandkids, but I like my birthday to be quiet. Generally we go out to eat or order in, have cake with the kids and grandkids, and then everyone leaves me alone to read, watch movies or whatever I want to do. I'm not anti-social, and I love m family, but the demands of motherhood are HUGE, (or were before the kids were grown), so a little quiet time is great for me!

  • talesin

    Have a CAKE!!

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