It's my Birthday on Thursday

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  • nugget

    I am having my second birthday out of the JWs on the 14th of July the first after disfellowshipping and just need a few ideas for the day.

    We went to Arudel today to do pre birthday shopping so I am really looking forward to see what goodies they found. There was much whispering in the corner of shops. It was such fun for us all. I even picked up a Christmas tree decoration whilst I was there.

    My daughter and I are having our hair done on the actual day but appart from that nothing is planned. If anyone has any additional thoughts about what has made their birthdays special I would love to hear them.

  • WhatWasIThinking

    Have friends over and just celebrate. Eat, drink, and socialize. I don't know if you live in the U.S. or not, but if you do most restaurants offer you something free on your birthday. Personally I like to go to wine or martini bars and just hang out with friends while enjoying some good food and drinks. Usually other people will hear it's your birthday and come up and say hi and buy you drinks. I'm a guy and it happens to me every year, if you're a girl like I'm assuming then you'll get more drinks than me.

    If you don't drink you can still just go out and have a fun day. Go see a movie, go to a museum, take a small road trip. Go do something you've always wanted to do but haven't. Just make it a fun day for you.

    Oh, and happy early birthday!

  • Retrovirus

    Hi Nugget!

    Best wishes for your birthday!!

    My kids and I are foodies, and we usually go to a good restaurant. Now that we're all adults together I also love cooking up a feast with them and inviting friends over.

    A surprise is also wonderful. We took a work friend out to the spas for a day of pampering and country life and all had a really special day.


  • nugget

    WhatwasIthinking this sounds like a fun idea but as a mother of two I may have to file that idea for later. My children might take a dim view of me turning up to pick them up from school very tipsy. I'd have a lovely day though.

    Retrovirus you talk my language. Breaking bread with those you love is a great way to spend your birthday. May have a baking day and make all my favourites.

  • cantleave

    I bought jane a bag and some tissue paper!!!

  • dgp

    Happy Birthday, Nugget!

  • mummatron

    Sniffing dog - caption reads: "Do I smell birthday cake?"

    Hi Nugget!

    Happy Birthday for Thursday honey. You sound excited, as well you should be!

    We've been celebrating birthdays left, right and centre here as 4 members of my partner's family have their birthdays in the first 9 days of July. We've been to 1 house party and 2 restaurants this week. Today is my partner's birthday so me and the babies have spoiled him rotten. I even baked a big cake mid-week to share with his Nan. It's so much fun!

    I've had 12 birthdays out of the bOrg and I now have a custom which I've done for the past 4 years running - I get to eat dinner at Nando's!

    There's lots you can do really. If the weather's nice a BBQ or picnic is ideal (at a beach, or forest/country park setting maybe?). While the kids are at school do something totally self-indulgent. Visit a nail or brow bar, get a massage or facial. Sit in a coffee shop and eat the yummiest looking slice of cake. Go browse all the shops that take your fancy but that you never normally get a chance to look at when you're with family.

    I hope that you have a lovely day on Thursday whatever you decide to do, and that the bag that cantleave has got you contains something very special.

    Mummatron x

  • snowbird

    Have a good one!



  • ambersun

    Happy Birthday Nugget

    Whatever you decide to do, have a great day being spoiled by your loved ones !!!

  • TotallyADD

    Happy Brithday from the guy with ADD. "And many more". Have fun and enjoy your day. Totally ADD

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