Diane Sawyer interviews Jaycee Dugard 7/10/11, ABC 2-hr. Special, 9PM EST: Jaycee was kidnapped by Garridos, supposedly one-time JWs

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  • Gayle

    Another thing that just struck me on that terrible time for Jaycee and her mother.

    How the WTS strongly taught all of us girls, young and old, that we would have to scream and fight if we were being raped. We were taught better that we die. That we would be considered the ones wanting sex, would be a fornicator, if we didn't yell and fight. What a horrible hateful teaching and burden those GB childless men taught us. How we would possibly even be disfellowshipped if we weren't to yell and fight. There were cases of little JW girls that had been raped who were then disfellowshipped, making her feel responsible. How disgusting that religion!

    Does the WTS still teach this way? Any recent literature stating this, when last in print?

    I think it's a miracle how Jaycee has survived this and has a relative peace and joy now. No doubt she has a very good therapist and a very unconditional loving mother and good circle of family and friends. Jaycee speaks of being grateful for her life now. Certainly not wishing she were dead as the WTS would teach such a victim. Certainly, her mother is very grateful to have her alive and in good spirit.

    I am amazed the mother has turned this horrible tragedy into a cause to create a better justice and parole system against convicted pedophiles and sex perversions.

  • flipper

    GAYLE- You stated, " Certainly, there would have been no obligation by the elders to tell the congregation about Garrido's criminal past . " What makes you think that ? That's part of the whole problem with the bigger picture of the WT society's negligence regarding NOT informing parents with minor children inside congregations . If elders were instructed by the WT society to AT LEAST inform parents of a sex offenders past then the veil of secrecy would be lifted and children protected more effeciently from molesters.

    In fact , I feel it should be MANDATORY for the WT society to implement instructions that elders HAVE to inform parents with minor children of a former child abusers past - so as to protect further children from becoming victims of abuse. AND it would serve the purpose of covering WT society's legal rear end - at least partially so due to informing parents.

    Bottom line is the WT society is a huge money making corporation that doesn't care about individual children's safety in congregations. It's low on their priority list

  • Gayle

    Flipper,,so sorry,,thank you for calling for correcting the sentence,,I meant, Certainly, there would have been no obligation by the elders to tell the congregation about Garrido's criminal past, as they would only follow the WTS policy to not tell.

    I sometimes start typing but my brain is going faster, especially when I get emotional. This is an evil policy by the WTS and is will always be unforgivable.

  • flipper

    GAYLE- No problem my friend. I figured it was a typo or something because it didn't go along with everything else you were saying ! LOL ! Just wanted to make sure . Have a good day

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I get too excited about the JW and rape. IN the 1960s, women were told they asked to be raped by wearing a miniskirt. The criminals were harmless. Women ask for rape. What woman wrote that? Remembering though, women made the hardest judgments about other women. Women do not have the bodily strength. We cannot fight. Men do. Anyway, I researched the topic. Many, many more men are raped than women. It is power, not sexual. Violence's dance. I became so physically agitated I would need to excuse msyelf and do something physical. My feelings were to murder the brothers.

    This happened just as modern feminism broke in like a morning sun. Soon I was active in NOW.

    With regards to pedophile, there are two sides that do need protection. The accused pedophile needs protection from lynching and job loss while the system is resolving the issue. The largest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Science proves this is strongest in sex offenders. On the other hand, children need protection.

    Now comparing a fully grown, competent adult male who is very physically powerful. Also, can get a kid to break all parental rules for a mentioned puppy or gold fish with a helpless child, who knows nothing about sex or sick power plays. Which side should society protect more? This is so hard to figure out. Nowhere does the Bible say two witnesses are needed for pedophiles. Nowhere. It is like blood or the tooth fairy. I vote for the children. The pedophile can hire security and a lawyer. The child can purchase nothing.

    A statement by the Witnesses that a convicted pedophile is present puts people on notice to change to another religion if they value their children. It is not conviction in a court of law where beyond a reasonable doubt is the only burden of proof. Rather, families need notice. Simple notice. The consequences are so dire. Further, the WT can be sued for not giving notice more readily than if they do give notice.

    Any lawyer who would argue it is in the interest of the WTBTS and politic with current events in the US to not give notice should be disbarred. I feel this one issue dissidents and apostates should really carry. We need to get the word out to the unprotected.

    What scum is stupid enough to commit his crime in front of a witness? Heck, why not say it must be done before a police detective and videotaped in HD? The WT does not pay Ceasar's dues to Caesar here. Caesar, the government, prosecutes. It is not their place to prosecute short of Armageddon. I'm assuming these men have no children.

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